Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy/Scared/Hungry/Delusional? - you decide..

Happy/Scared/Hungry/Delusional? The Blind Tiger Collective has kicked off has kicked off a week long (more than a) Pop Up Shop in Little Green Gallery..I got a chance to stick my head in to drop off our t-shirts the other day and Elena snapped this oh so flattering picture..Happy/Scared/Hungry/Delusional - you decide!! And, once you've decided, make sure you pop into the BTC shop in Little Green, a whole ton of events happening down there..You don't wanna miss it...
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Totebags and Notebooks - Gone for Good!

It's been a feckin' age and a half since I've posted a blog post and I will explain the silence at some stage but for now I've just gotta mention that our totebags and notebooks are now sold out.. It's a bittersweet moment - nice that we've sold out of them but then, on the other hand, kinda sad to see them go.. I guess it means we can now come up with more nifty bags and notebooks (we will, we are) but maybe I'm just a sentimental goof who misses these inanimate objects.. Also, giving you fair warning now that a lot of our t-shirts are running low too..We've been nice and busy here thanks to a huge GrabOne sale we did and literally have hundreds of t-shirts to pack and ship in the coming days.. We're ready! Anyway, bye bye totebags and notebooks.. Do you have one of our totebags/notebooks? If so, I sincerely hope that in about 30 years time they are worth a nice chunk of change - how cool would that be?
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