Monday, June 28, 2010

LadyUmbrella Supports Spain Sale!

Wait til you hear this! We have just kicked off a fun 25% off sale to support los Rojos in the World Cup...Elena hails from Spain and just arrived back to Dublin from a short trip there today..Whilst there she got caught up in the World Cup mania that has besieged the Spanish nation and so we now have 25% off all our ladies t-shirts and free shipping world wide with code fiesta25...

But, like all good things there has to be a catch..This code is valid as long as Spain are in the World Cup so cross your fingers so that David Villa, Xavi, Alonso and co can win the World Cup and then the code will be valid until July 11th...

Tomorrow, June 29th 2010, Spain play Portugal in the World Cup in what will be an intriguing encounter between the Iberian is hard to predict who will win but one thing which can be predicted with certainty is that tapas will be consumed and ¡Viva EspaƱa! shouted tomorrow night...Place your order now from our online t-shirt shop in case the unthinkable happens and Spain lose to Portugal...

Who are you up for in the World Cup?

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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Opening Weekend

Friday, 18th of June, 11am - we arrived in the Loft to set up our section and get ready for our first day of trading. Then, when 12 bells arrived the doors were opened and we were officially open for business selling our ladies t-shirts to the world at large.

We were full of nerves at the start. It is a very different realm from what we are used to with online sales and social media and what not. Interfacing with customers in "real life" is a different type of animal. It will take us a while to perfect the art but all in all we enjoyed our opening weekend. The other traders in the Loft are all very friendly and there is a huge variety of items available - you have to come in to see :)

We have a collection of pictures which you can see on our facebook fanpage if the pictures included here aren't enough for you. If you are in Dublin and reading this we'd love to see into us :) We're open from 12 to 6 on Friday and Sunday and 11 to 6 on Saturday...

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Monday, June 14, 2010

On Friday 18th of June!

On Friday 18th of June us here at LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts are going to experience one of those rare moments in life, one of the days that we hope we'll be able to look back on and cherish.

On Friday 18th of June we'll miss Germany v Serbia in the world cup and despite being huge soccer fans (well, Rob at least) not a tear will be shed. We're not even going to record it to watch it later in the day as with some luck we'll be in a state of jubilation..

On Friday 18th of June we will scale the stairs for the first time to the aptly named Loft Market in Powerscourt Shopping Centre. There, hours before the doors open, we'll set up our dainty section in the Loft Market brimming with excitement tinged with intrepidation..

On Friday 18th of June we'll become real life merchants for the first time and have the pleasure of selling LadyUmbrella in an absolutely amazing shop. The doors open at 12.00 and will stay open, welcoming all, until 6pm. We'll then be open the same hours on Sunday and from 11 to 6 on Saturday - every weekend!

We really can't wait to take this step as we continue to build up LadyUmbrella. We are going to expand our product range as well and will have some lovely framed LadyUmbrella prints for sale along with our t-shirts. Elena has been busy creating the prints and with some luck you'll like them..

On Friday 18th of June we want to see YOU! We have received an insane amount of support from so many of you and really want to meet you in person to say thanks..LadyUmbrella is a dream for us and Friday 18th of June is a massive step. This is your INVITATION - we'd love to see you..and why not send the invite to your friends..the more the merrier!

Stay happy and see you on...
...Friday 18th of June...
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stack them High!

We had quite a busy day on Friday..we set a record and sold an unprecedented amount of ladies t-shirts which delighted us no end..Then, after a few hours of packing we finally had all the t-shirts ready for shipping (well, almost, just had to put them in the envelopes) and figured it was prime time for a photo opportunity...Care to hazard a guess as to how many tees are in the pile?

Have to say some big thanks to I am the Trend for sending me the sweet 7th Ink t-shirt as a prize..It arrived on Thursday and the caption of "More please" could not have been more fitting...For those not in the know IATT have a weekly show on at 2am GMT on Mondays - worth watching...

Today is also a very important day... Elena, the creative genius behind LadyUmbrella, celebrates her birthday today..For the press hounds reading this (who am I fooling hehe) she is "21"...Time to get the dancing shoes on...

Have a great day all, stay happy, ole...

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Voiceover for Victory

In case you didn't hear we were giving away 2 t-shirts to celebrate passing 5,000 facebook fans and decided to try do something a little bit different to announce the winner..Needless to say this resulted in some tomfoolery in front of the camera and another misguided attempt at humour..We still managed to find our winners though and their ladies t-shirts are about to undergo the "packaging procedure"..

For those of you who didn't win - don't fret. We've got 20% off all orders with promo code lubday20 until June 6th from our online shop, buy yourself a tee whilst the sun is shining :) Enjoy the video "Voiceover for Victory" - like the dance moves? Stay happy...

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