Sunday, February 28, 2010

LadyUmbrella in the Irish Star

This is just a short post full of unbridled adulation and sheer delight. Saturday 27th of February 2010 is a day for the diary as LadyUmbrella ladies clothes have hit a national newspaper in the form of the Chic pullout in the Irish Star. Glossy paper baby - love it!!! If you happen to have a copy of it lying around your house check page 14 and see if you spot some familiar looking styles ;) if you don't happen to have a paper just well, check out the image here ---->

We can't believe how sweet this is and have got to say big thanks of Aoife Kelly for being interested in mentioning little old us. Anyway, we've gone nuts and rejoiced and have a 15% off coupon code to celebrate the publication. Use sweet15lu to get 15% off all ladies t-shirts and as always free shipping world wide :) Stay happy all..ole..

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

33% Discount Code for just 3.3 Days!!

Hello all..hope you are keeping well..just a short blog post to let you all now about our crazy 33% off discount code..We passed 3,333 facebook fans and to celebrate our ladies t-shirts can be purchased using promo code fourthrees. The code will be valid for just 3.3 days - there is a countdown timer in the top right hand corner :) All you have to do is go to our online t-shirt shop and choose which one you want..Using the promo code prices become just €19.99/£17.60/$27 - enjoy...

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Irish Blog Awards Nomination

Hot diggity damn and call me Nancy, we've been nominated for the 2010 Irish Blog Award in incredible is that? Thank you to whoever nominated us...

The awards are scheduled to take place on the 27th of March way out west in Galway. Now, sadly, I don't think we have a numb snowballs chance in Fuerteventura (it's a hot place) of winning as there are some seriously good blogs on the list like Simply Zesty, PuddleDucks, RedFly Marketing and This is Knit to name but a few. That said to be nominated is pretty nice in itself...I've enjoyed writing this blog and keeping you updated on what we are getting up to at LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts - getting nominated for an award is just an unprecedented bonus. The business award is being sponsored by Red Cardinal so needless to say big thanks to them...

And so now, with 35 days left to the awards, I wonder will we make it to the final few blogs that get to go to Galway and if so what t-shirt should Elena wear?...which t-shirt would you wear? Thank you all for reading and please subscribe, follow, comment, tweet and all of that other good stuff..Stay happy..

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Artvertisement in Pygmalion - The Two Part Mini Series (& deleted scene)

Those of you who have read this blog before or have frequented our facebook fanpage will be aware of the fact that we like to make videos to show off our ladies clothes. Our foolish forays into the silver screen led us to create our first 2 part "mini series" which you can see below.

Basically, we got very lucky and were allowed to put up a display in Pygmalion which is a nifty cafe/bar in Dublin. As Elena was making the display we had the idea of recording what we doing and to try make a sweet little video about it. Then one video turned into two as we wanted to try create a bit of intrigue - ultimately advertising an ad I suppose.

Part One of the mini series is entitled "The Murder Bird". To be honest I have no idea why it is called that. For some unknown reason that is the title Elena gave to the file when saving it before sending it to me and I couldn't think of anything better for arousing interest. I immediately had to watch after seeing the title of it so here it is...

We received some fun comments about the video like:
- I love murder mystery... maybe to John Terry!!!
- Is he diving into the picture to land on the blue shirt? I give him a 10 for the dive. :D
- Over the rainbow!
- lol, he looks pretty scary, I',m wondering if he's off to Transylvania!! xxx
And we would love to hear your comments here too...

We then released part two a few days later. Part 2 is called "The Artvertisement" and personally I think it is one of the coolest videos we have made yet. The way Elena edited it all and the music she chose for it is perfect I think..I'm also a big fan of the potato peeler and the spoon (my silly idea of humour - keep your eyes "peeled" and you'll spot them hehe). The video shows how we prepared and installed the LadyUmbrella display. Enjoy the zen the music will bring...

And now, the final clip to show you is the "deleted scene", the one that Elena was all to happy to cut hehe..Elena was the main "cutter outer" for the display (I lie, she did it all, I am useless with scissors) and so I had to call on my method acting skills for this scene (I lie again, I don't have any method acting skills and I'm not an actor hehe..). But I did see Elena cutting for hours so tried to imagine her frustration and is there a better cure for frustration than chili nuts and tea? if so, leave a comment and let me know...

And so, there you have it, our 2 part mini series of our Artvertisement in Pygmalion, Dublin and the "deleted scene" that you hopefully won't be see anywhere else...really hope you enjoy it as it took us hours upon hours to firstly make the display and then even longer to edit these movies..Leave some comments and let us know what you think and why not subscribe to this blog so that you don't miss any more of the deleted scene goodness..

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

LadyUmbrella Love Bug Deal

I think it's fair to say that love is without a doubt in the air this weeked...And us here at LadyUmbrella ladies clothes are all too aware of that's the perfect time of the year to crack open a bottle of nice red wine, pamper your significant other and just embrace and be thankful for the love that is in your life...Cupid has struck us down with the LadyUmbrella Love Bug Deal big time, the doctor says all t-shirts are reduced by 14% for a period of just 48 hours..the love bug has got us bad - check it out in our online shop..

And anyway, whether you check it out or not, have a great Valentines Day, don't take things for granted and stay happy..Lots of love from the LU Crew...

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Friday, February 12, 2010

LadyUmbrella Ladies Clothes Competition

Hello all, things are, as always, hectic here as we are working away with videos, pictures and all sorts of cool things for our ladies clothes. We are working on a dynamite two part video thing that we hope you'll all enjoy watching but I can't say anymore about that...

What this shop blog is about is our LadyUmbrella ladies clothes competition that we are now running on It is a real fun competition and easy to enter - you just have to register on the site and then answer the question about us for a chance to win not one but TWO LadyUmbrella t-shirts. And, there are prizes for 3 people making it (drumroll) 6 t-shirts in, don't hang around here any longer, go and can of course leave a comment though if you'd like ;) if you win which 2 t-shirts would you choose?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

LadyUmbrella T-Shirts in EMMA Boutique

A few weeks ago we got lucky, really lucky..A great boutique based in Dublin got in touch with us from twitter and then next thing you know our ladies t-shirts are in the front window of the very trendy EMMA Boutique..

This is really just going to be a short blog post as really the pictures tell it all - our t-shirts are in a cool shop - it doesn't get any better than that really does it? You can see more pictures on our facebook fanpage and sure why not become a fan for more fun and games?

We really can't believe that Away with the Birds is now in a shop window and the set up in EMMA for our t-shirts is just, well, adorable. What do you think? And, if you are in Dublin, why not pop into EMMA Boutique on Clarendon Street and get yourself a LadyUmbrella t-shirt..or, if you're not based in Dublin we invite you to check out our online t-shirt shop - stay happy..

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LadyUmbrella T-Shirts in the Movie Booked Out

Hey all just a short blog post to let you all know that our ladies t-shirts are going to be used in a feature length movie called Booked Out. We are really delighted that our t-shirts will be used in this movie and can't wait to see how it turns out.

They selected two of our t-shirts for the movie LadyUmbrella is Friends with Sir David Attenborough and "What Came first the Chicken or LadyUmbrella? and were kind enough to send us in a picture of our tees being worn in rehearsals.

We really can't wait to see the movie when it is finished. Filming is due to begin very soon and you should check out the Booked Out Facebook Fanpage and become fans to get an intimate insight into how the movie is progressing...

And so, my question to you readers, what LadyUmbrella t-shirt would you pick for a movie if you were the director? Leave a comment and let me know...stay happy..

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