Friday, June 10, 2011

Dip in the Nip 2011 Cancer Fund Raiser and Us..

Well now, here we go, another exciting tangent in the LadyUmbrella story that will hopefully do some much needed good via the excellent Dip In The Nip...

So, you may be going, "eh, what is Dip in the Nip?" and I'm happy to now burst that bubble of confusion and enlighten you. Dip in the Nip is a great fund raising event for charity set up by Máire Garvey. Like the name suggests, people "dare to bare" and get sponsored to run into the sea in their birthday suits..This is the 3rd year that the Dip in the Nip will happen and it is growing each year thanks to the great work Maire has put in to it..Sure, she even got Terry Wogan to count them last year as the touching, motivating and inspirational video below shows...

Now, the next piece in the Dip in the Nip 2011 and us puzzle - how are we involved? Well, a couple of months ago Máire got in touch with us and asked us if we'd be able to design a t-shirt for this years dip..Both myself and Elena really liked the quirky idea and wanted to try support the charity..And so Elena conjured up a nifty design of LadyUmbrella taking her own dip in true oddball, yet cute, LadyUmbrella style..The design is now going to be printed onto just 10 t-shirts and the top 10 ladies who raise the most money for charity will each receive one of these exclusive t-shirts..We'll give you a glimpse at the full design at some stage in the future but the "info graphic" (said in a scientific type voice) will give you an idea of the design..

This years dip is taking place on the 24th of June which means we won't be able to attend it (we'll be in Barcelona mixing business with pleasure as we try find some shops there to stock us - ole) but we want to support it more..So, to that end we're going to DONATE 15% OF ALL SALES between now and the 25th of June to Dip in the Nip and cancer research..And, to top it all off when you enter code ditn15 you'll get 15% off and Dip in The Nip will also get 15% off - that way everyone is a winner...

Would really encourage you to consider taking part in the Dip in the Nip this year as it is for a great cause and it is guaranteed to be a fun filled day and quite an experience..You can follow the Dip in the Nip on Facebook and find out more about how to take part on their official site at making it to the Dip isn't a possibility for you then rest assured that 15% of all purchases from our shop between now and the Dip will be donated to the cause...Hopefully we'll be able to raise a boat load for them..

I know I tend to ask you to help us share and spread the news (my enthusiasm can't be contained hehe) but this blog post gets the code red treatment...You can help raise awareness about Dip in the Nip by telling a friend and passing on the info - it'd be your good deed for the day..Go on, go on, go on..And, now for that video, stay happy all..Ole

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Annual WOW Sale That Was...

So, now that the dust has settled it's time to look back on the The Annual Wow Sale that was..It was a great week for us here in LUHQ which is exactly what we wanted to mark both of our birthdays..

The whole spectacular kicked off initially on Facebook with "Crack the Code" Contest..We asked people to try figure out what T.A.W.S might stand for (..should be easy for you now though ;)) which seemed to go down well and was a nice way to let people know of what was coming..

Then, on Monday 30th of May, we kicked off our sale and were instantly bamboozled with the number of orders we received...But, to clarify, that is bamboozed in a good way :) As well as having 30% off + free shipping our sale contained an extra twist as well, that is, "Buy a print and a tee and get a notebook for free" which seemed to go down very well...So well we've decided to leave that little combo offer running, go check :)

As the week was progressing we, myself and Elena, were busy recording and editing down a silly little video full of WOW for the sale..At 5am, after the whole video was finally edited, I had the perfect idea for what the video should have been called and what the intro screen should have said - "28 Wows Later"..Instead, as the editing was done before the 5am stroke of genius, we went with the title of "The Annual WOW Sale" - creative huh? ;) Some nifty embed work means you can watch the video just below - which wow is your fave?

Our sale then ended on Elena's birthday on the 6th of June and there was a final flurry of sales from you good people out there which kept us busy packing orders...Some people may think of packing as a chore but I can assure tis the most pleasant chore we have in LUHQ ;)

Would also like to take a brief moment to thank all of the bloggers who mentioned our sale and everyone who tweeted about it, shared it on facebook or went old school and actually spoke to someone in "real life" about it - without you guys sharing the good good we'd be nowhere so thank you..

Anyway, lots more news to come your way so stay tuned and stay happy...ohh, and which wow rocks you to your very core? Ole...
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Diet Coke Break?

So, a strange thing happened a few days ago..We were contacted by Thinkhouse to see if we'd be interested in getting some swanky Diet Coke bottles designed by a certain Karl Lagerfeld I'm not one to turn down some free swag or another meander in this LadyUmbrella tale so without hesitation I said yes...Thinkhouse asked us to, well, do anything with the bottles and that is what we did...LadyUmbrella had herself a nice little Diet Coke Break - sure, doesn't she deserve it with our sale on and all that ;)

After seeing LadyUmbrella slugging away on a Diet Coke though Elena got consumed with jealousy (or perhaps it was thirst) and decided she was going to get herself some of the booty and so she did..We received 3 of the new bottles designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Elena was able to get herself one...We also received one of the jumbo sized bottles but we haven't been able to open it yet - I am scared of heights and ladders and don't want to climb to the top to pop it and our combined muscle and might isn't able to tip it over...Ah well, at least it looks good ;)

Sadly, that is the end of our Diet Coke Break as we've got to back to the t-shirts, they are demanding mistresses, but thanks to Thinkhouse for sending the nifty Karl Lagerfeld designed bottles to us - we do quite like the look of them (even though I still drink fully leaded ;))..Stay happy all, ole...

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