Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Annual WOW Sale That Was...

So, now that the dust has settled it's time to look back on the The Annual Wow Sale that was..It was a great week for us here in LUHQ which is exactly what we wanted to mark both of our birthdays..

The whole spectacular kicked off initially on Facebook with "Crack the Code" Contest..We asked people to try figure out what T.A.W.S might stand for (..should be easy for you now though ;)) which seemed to go down well and was a nice way to let people know of what was coming..

Then, on Monday 30th of May, we kicked off our sale and were instantly bamboozled with the number of orders we received...But, to clarify, that is bamboozed in a good way :) As well as having 30% off + free shipping our sale contained an extra twist as well, that is, "Buy a print and a tee and get a notebook for free" which seemed to go down very well...So well we've decided to leave that little combo offer running, go check :)

As the week was progressing we, myself and Elena, were busy recording and editing down a silly little video full of WOW for the sale..At 5am, after the whole video was finally edited, I had the perfect idea for what the video should have been called and what the intro screen should have said - "28 Wows Later"..Instead, as the editing was done before the 5am stroke of genius, we went with the title of "The Annual WOW Sale" - creative huh? ;) Some nifty embed work means you can watch the video just below - which wow is your fave?

Our sale then ended on Elena's birthday on the 6th of June and there was a final flurry of sales from you good people out there which kept us busy packing orders...Some people may think of packing as a chore but I can assure tis the most pleasant chore we have in LUHQ ;)

Would also like to take a brief moment to thank all of the bloggers who mentioned our sale and everyone who tweeted about it, shared it on facebook or went old school and actually spoke to someone in "real life" about it - without you guys sharing the good good we'd be nowhere so thank you..

Anyway, lots more news to come your way so stay tuned and stay happy...ohh, and which wow rocks you to your very core? Ole...
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