Monday, November 22, 2010

Will You Win The Ultimate Style Test?

I hope you're heard about it by now but we have been lucky enough to team up with fashion industry insider Nicky Harris and top stylist Maria Fusco to bring you the Ultimate Style Test..The test being which LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirt would you wear on Christmas Day and how would you style it?

The competition ends at midnight tomorrow so you only have less than 30 hours to enter so you should go and check it now..We are giving away a t-shirt and a tote bag so there'll be two prizes! Even if you don't want to enter there are some amazing entries already posted worth reading...Both of us here at LadyUmbrella (as well as Nicky and Maria) are really blown away by some of the entries - so much detail and effort went into them so thank you if you've already entered..If not, have a go and if you can pass it on that would be uber excellent and help us out so much..Stay happy all..

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