Friday, March 26, 2010

Are you Canadian?

Ohhhh Canada!!

The world works in strange ways - we all know that - and this blog post will detail one such event that has got me scratching my head with bewildered delight...

We got our first sale of our ladies t-shirts to Canada and are delighted to be sending them to the land famed for it's maple syrup, hockey and pretty stunning views..One thing I didn't know Canada had going for it though were unusual and interesting place names..

So, onto the uncanny part of the tale. At the time of receiving the sale from Canada I was talking my friend Richie..Unbeknownst to me he just happened to be talking to a Canadian at the time, the relevance of that will become more startling in a line or two..

So, with elation and CAPS LOCKS I told Richie that we had got our first sale to Canada and that our t-shirts were bound to a nifty place called "Cloudberry Drive, Paradise"..I remarked at how cool the name was and how different it is to the names we have here like Baltinglass, Lahinch, Stillorgan, Tubbercurry and Termonfeckin (which probably sound pretty alien to some Canadians, ye?)..Almost instantly though Richie started to enlighten me with more interesting Canadian place names like Moose Jaw, Eyebrow, Elbow and Medicine Hat....Are they even real or was Richie being spoofed?...

Anyway, remember I said Richie was talking to a Canadian friend? (who he doesn't even talk to very often)...well, and it turned out that they happened to be talking about random place names in Canada at the very same time that we sold our first t-shirts to Paradise, Canada..To both of us it was uncanny and bizarre that our first sale to Canada just happens to be when he is talking to a Candian friend he rarely talks to about interesting place names in Canada..Uncanny or not though the fact remains our t-shirts are going to Paradise and I like the sound of that...

So, like the title asks, are you Canadian? Can you confirm the Canadian place names mentioned above or even add some to the list? Or, what about where you live, any interesting place names to share? Anything uncanny like this ever happen to you? lets hear it...

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Anonymous said...

I am the above mentioned t-shirt buyer from Paradise! Yes, I can confirm the above mentioned places. They are in the prairie region in the western part of the country. Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, on the extreme east coast, we have some nice ones and some you will NEVER believe! There is, Heart's Delight, Heart's Desire and Little Heart's Ease. Come By Chance, Old Shop, Cow Head, Halfway Point. Middle Arm, Robert's Arm and Joe Batt's Arm.
For those of you feeling "randy", there is Conception Bay, Spread Eagle, Dildo (although not named after what you are thinking!) Snug Harbour, Seldom, Little Seldom and well, Separation Point!
So, as you can see, Newfoundland is a very colourful place,as are our people! We are the oldest province in Canada dating back over 1000 years. Settled by Vikings originally, most of our people are descendants from Ireland and England as well as some French and Scottish.
Come visit anytime and we'll show you around!

LadyUmbrella said...

Wow, hehe, Joe Batt's Arm - place names don't get better than that..although maybe Robert's Arm ;) Thanks for the info Denise, some wild place names - spread eagle and conception bay? Some one must have drank too much maple syrup when the cmae up with those names...

Amanda said...

I have to agree with Denise with the names, some being a little cute and others being a bit out there. I have lived in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and now in Newfoundland - and haven't seen stranger names yet. I have to let you know that my favorite is.... Wait for it.... "Goobies" hahaha - how can you not laugh at that. Too cute, right?
Congrats to you Rob for the awesome sale - it couldn't be going to a better place and I know Denise will love it!! - Amanda

Dave said...

Canada is home to some very funny folk judging from their whimiscal and sometimes weird names given to their towns, villages and cities.

Newfoundlanders seem to be a boisterous bunch, with a wide variety of nutty if not novel and sometimes naughty names to show for themselves:

-- Bar Haven, Bareneed, Billy Butts Pond, Black Tickle, Bleak Joke Cove, Blow-me-down, Bumble Bee Bight, Calves Nose, Cat Gut, Comfort Cove, Cupids, Dildo, Empty Basket, Famish Gut, Goblin, Gripe Point, Ha Ha Bay, Hearts Content, Hearts Delight, Heart's Desire, Hare's Ears Point, Herring Neck, Horse Chops, Jerrys Nose, Joe Batt's Arm, Leading Tickles, Little Cat Arm, Little Heart's Ease, Little Looping Harbour, Little Paradise, Nancy Oh, Nippers Harbour, Pettycoat Harbour, Tickle Cove, Run-by-guess, Too Good Arm, Virgin Arm, and Wild Bight.

In Nova Scotia, they seem to have a lot of foolish folk with some odiferous challenges:

-- Bangs Falls, Beaver Harbour, Coddle Harbor, Garden of Eden, Gore, Lapland, Malgnant Cove, Meat Cove, Nuttby, Old Sweat, Pugwash, Sackville, Shag Harbor, Sugar Loaf, and Upper Big Tacadie.

Ontario is home to some hard-headed, heavy-handed folk who make their homes in:

-- Balls Falls, Bastard, Carp, Crotch Lake, Oldmans Pocket, Pronto, Sucker Creek, Swastika, Thunder Bay, and Wawa!

Quebec is home to "Le Bonhomme" (King of the Winter Carnival), so it's not surprising to see a few hee-hees here including:

-- Funny Lake, St. Louis-du-Ha!Ha!, not to mention a peculiar place called Shitagoo Lake.

PRPrints said...

Some of my favorites are Nick's Nose Cove and Horse Chops. But I think Dave already got Horse Chops in there. Another funny place is Bay D'Espoire (bay of hope), usually mis-pronounced as Bay Despair. Ironic, no?

I literally live next door to Paradise! :->

We've got some pretty unique expressions, too. You can see some of them in my store at*/.

God bless your cotton socks!

PR Prints

LadyUmbrella said...

Thanks for the, I agree Patricia, think Dave wrote the book on interesting place names in Canada there hehe..Ah, Bay D'Espoire, lovely place to go when you're feeling down hehe ;) And the Goobies?, I think I saw that movie hehe..

Leanne said...


I thought I'd share the following, as I happen to hail from the Canadian province in which you will find the city of Moose Jaw and the towns of Elbow and Eyebrow. That beautiful and vast province has itself an interesting name: Saskatchewan. "Saskatchewan" actually means "fast flowing water" in Cree, a particular First Nations group. Yes, Canada has a wealth of interesting names (like most countries, it would seem). In Saskatchewan, we also have towns called Love, Forget, Climax, Fairy Glen, Drinkwater, and even our very own Kandahar!

Just thought I'd throw in a representation of central Canada!

Best of luck on your continued success in our fine country!

- Leanne in Saskatoon (a city named after a humble berry, eaten best baked in a pie with loads of ice cream) :P

PRPrints said...

I forgot to add - the Cloudberry referenced in your post is actually called a "bakeapple" here. And it's neither baked, nor an apple. But many people pay a lot for it in jam!

PR Prints

cndlady said...

I'm from a small mining town in Northern Manitoba called Flin Flon. It is named after a sci-fi character :)