Friday, April 2, 2010

We Like to Do Things Differently!

We like to do things differently here at LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts as it keeps things interesting and exciting for us - and hopefully for you too...In the past we've had a few fun deals and promtions but we've been rather quiet about the big one...the big one which excites us the most and which we hope all of those who have already bought a LadyUmbrella t-shirt know about - Bonus Batch Bingo...And, for those of you who read this blog you're going to get to see our new video before anyone else because I like you guys :) We'll put it on the fanpage in a few days but for now this is the place to see it..

One of things at the very core of LadyUmbrella is our desire to give our customers something that is unique to them and that no one else will have. We try do this via our time consuming hangtags..Our hangtag, the card which usually displays some info about the t-shirt or product, has been transformed into a ticket of sorts into what we call Bonus Batch Bingo. Here you can see one of our 6 different hangtags (each t-shirt has its own hangtag)..And if you like the image please press the big green RT button in the top right - every RT makes us smile :)

Each of our hangtags go through a disciplined and dedicated stamping process. Then, as we receive an order Elena signs, numbers and dates the hangtag so that whoever buys it will have something that no one else will have...Here is our new video about said tags and you guys, our beloved blog readers, are the first to see it - let us know what you think!!

We then had the idea of Bonus Batch Bingo whereby we would draw a number at random which would correspond to one hangtag batch code and whoever owns that t-shirt will win one of their choosing..All the winner has to do is send us a picture of the t-shirt and hangtag (preferably with them wearing it hehe) or put it on our facebook fanpage within 5 days and we'll send them any t-shirt they want - just like that...

And that's that, our hangtags and how we are going to do things a little bit differently..what do you think? think it is a fun little idea? Any other ideas for fun things we could do with our hangtags? and what did you think of our latest video? Lets hear it...and, to get yourself entered into bonus batch bingo you should really go here ;) Stay happy all and have a great Easter..

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Young Werther said...

An excellent idea!

LadyUmbrella said...

Cheers, great to hear you like it...way we see it people like free t-shirts so why not give them some hehe..