Friday, April 30, 2010

Follow Friday 30th April 2010

Yet another round up of those tweeps who have been rocking my twit-o-sphere and keeping my tweetdeck "binging" (I've just started using tweetdeck - I think I like it)..

@Peachanr - is a really cool twitter from from Thailand who has some amazing t-shirt designs and a really sweet website..

@JBenjamin82 - is a another t-shirt company and a good online friend from Texas..he maintains a blog which is progressing nicely and has some neat designs..

@DeeDee2122 - is an Irish amiga I've come across on twitter..she gives us lots of RT's and has even purchased one of our ladies girl to tweet with, get the follow on..

@IndustriRoyal - are a Swedish band who have toured Europe a few times..the guitar player lived with me for a while and unsurprisingly they make some catchy songs..check out "Location, Location, Location" and enjoy the video below..

@Mayahanley - we're forever indebted to Maya..she got in touch with us the other day to suggest hooking up facebook to our site..we managed to get it integrated into our gallery and if Maya didn't suggest we probably wouldn't have it now - thank you!

@Emzy915 - is a new tweep I've started talking to and she is a social media intern at Closet Couture. Real friendly girL who has better Spanish than me..find out why!

@JThomsponDesign - a buddy I've been tweeting with for a while designer and has a great blog, Design Juices. And, like me, he likes his football so needless to say a few tweets about the Barca v Inter game during the week..

And that concludes my 7 #FF for this week..all good peeps so get the follow on and enjoy this awesome video by Industri Royal called "I Can Keep A Secret".

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