Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bonus Batch Bingo!! SUPER SALE

Right now you might be mumbling to yourself "bonus batch what?" but I'm here to demystify and enlighten you...Basically, Bonus Batch Bingo is a chance to win a free ladies t-shirt...interested? then, I suggest you read on..

You may have seen our video "The Art of the Hangtag" where we explain that each of our hangtags get rubber stamped and then signed, numbered and dated...We are going to use the hangtags as the 'bingo cards' for Bonus Batch Bingo. Using the power of we will randomly select one unique hang tag number from all of the t-shirts we have sold so far. Whoever this hangtag belongs to then has one week to contact us with a picture of the hang tag and t-shirt and to let us know which t-shirt they would like as their prize...then, we'll ship it to them - just like that...

So, you might be reading this thinking "but I don't have a t-shirt so how can I win one?" which is a good question. The simple answer is you can't give you every chance of entering for a free t-shirt we have slashed 5 euro (about $6.75) off the price of our t-shirts AND if you have a coupon code you can also that ;) Why not get a 15% off coupon code? ...and yep, we still have free shiping worldwide!

And, Bonus Batch Bingo is going to be a regular occurrence and your hang tag will be entered into every draw - make sure you're entered for the first draw! If you don't have t-shirt get one in our online t-shirt shop and avail of the huge discounts and maybe even win another..The sale will start tomorrow (23rd of April) and last until May the 1st and we'll then find out who has won a FREE t-shirt..

How does that sound to you? Who is feeling lucky?
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