Friday, April 30, 2010

Pretty in Pink!

It's rare that I just devote a post to a picture but it has to be done..Elena, looking pretty in pink and strutting her stuff her stuff in one of our ladies t-shirts called "LadyUmbrella likes to Strut". A pair of hareem pants, a navy style jacket a nifty scarf and a the outfit? How would you strut it?

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Follow Friday 30th April 2010

Yet another round up of those tweeps who have been rocking my twit-o-sphere and keeping my tweetdeck "binging" (I've just started using tweetdeck - I think I like it)..

@Peachanr - is a really cool twitter from from Thailand who has some amazing t-shirt designs and a really sweet website..

@JBenjamin82 - is a another t-shirt company and a good online friend from Texas..he maintains a blog which is progressing nicely and has some neat designs..

@DeeDee2122 - is an Irish amiga I've come across on twitter..she gives us lots of RT's and has even purchased one of our ladies girl to tweet with, get the follow on..

@IndustriRoyal - are a Swedish band who have toured Europe a few times..the guitar player lived with me for a while and unsurprisingly they make some catchy songs..check out "Location, Location, Location" and enjoy the video below..

@Mayahanley - we're forever indebted to Maya..she got in touch with us the other day to suggest hooking up facebook to our site..we managed to get it integrated into our gallery and if Maya didn't suggest we probably wouldn't have it now - thank you!

@Emzy915 - is a new tweep I've started talking to and she is a social media intern at Closet Couture. Real friendly girL who has better Spanish than me..find out why!

@JThomsponDesign - a buddy I've been tweeting with for a while designer and has a great blog, Design Juices. And, like me, he likes his football so needless to say a few tweets about the Barca v Inter game during the week..

And that concludes my 7 #FF for this week..all good peeps so get the follow on and enjoy this awesome video by Industri Royal called "I Can Keep A Secret".

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sell Out Saturday!

We have had another first and it would be wrong for me not to blog about it hehe..We had a very busy Saturday yesterday and sold out of all of size 12 "Away with the Birds". We're both happy and sad that this has happened.

We're happy obviously because we now know that "Away with the Birds" is our top design and to sell out of it in one size is a way of reassuring us that we are doing something right with our ladies t-shirts. Also happy because a great fan of LadyUmbrella, @xxMissNovemberx, got the last one and we wouldn't want her disappointed and having to wait...

Ah, having to wait - part of the reason that we are sad that we have sold out. We really want people to be able to get the size and style they want when they want it and hope that those who want to get an Away with the Birds in size 12 aren't too disappointed - we still have all other sizes and styles available ;) It is now possible to stake your claim and pre order a size 12 (or 14 or 16) "Away with the Birds" as we hope to have them in stock soon - send us a mail or leave a comment here or on our facebook fanpage and we'll put you on the list..Please RT that info with the handy green RT button up the top..

It is no surprise that we sold out due to our sale and it's great to see so many people ordering our t-shirts..All orders received today will be shipped tomorrow so take advantage of the sale, get the extra 15% off coupon and get the t-shirt you want before it's sold out..You can order now from our online t-shirt shop whilst the sale is in full swing..Stay happy all..ole..
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday 23rd April 2010

Following on from last weeks first Follow Friday post here are this weeks must follows, peeps that make our twitter world just that little bit better...

@iivars - The Latvian Spielberg, a fiend with film and a real good dude. Ivars filmed and edited our "How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life" video (which you can watch below) and has a scholarship to IADT and is in the running to win the Dare2BDrinkAway short film contest - vote for his movie "So What Happened Last Night"

@shibbz - The Couch Surfer who couch surfed because he couldn't afford to pay rent. Happens to be another friend of mine and his Couch Surfing in Dublin blog was just recently noticed by a national newspaper who promptly interviewed him about - well worth checking out..

@sogeshirts - Sogeshirts are a great funny t-shirts company from sunny California. Check out some of their designs and see which ones make you chuckle..

@meabhhannah - is an absolute champ of a fan of ours..she ff's us every Friday and always sends nice tweets our way - thank you Meabh :)

@WhatsWhat_Sian - is a super active and engaging Irish twitterer who has been most supportive of our efforts. Sian and her team have created an Irish Business Directory which is extremely useful for all business in Ireland - get yourself listed ;)

@eleventyfour - is a great singer songwriter from Ireland. Her style is quirky, unique and charming, somewhat like herself..Enjoy the melodies of EleventyFour on MySpace..

@joshuaarnao - hails from California and I've been tweeting with him since I joined twitter pretty guy to tweet with..also has a blog which is worth visiting..

And thats the #FF for this week - lots of things to see and do for you....Have a great weekend all and if you haven't heard about it check out our sale which started today ;) Ole..

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bonus Batch Bingo!! SUPER SALE

Right now you might be mumbling to yourself "bonus batch what?" but I'm here to demystify and enlighten you...Basically, Bonus Batch Bingo is a chance to win a free ladies t-shirt...interested? then, I suggest you read on..

You may have seen our video "The Art of the Hangtag" where we explain that each of our hangtags get rubber stamped and then signed, numbered and dated...We are going to use the hangtags as the 'bingo cards' for Bonus Batch Bingo. Using the power of we will randomly select one unique hang tag number from all of the t-shirts we have sold so far. Whoever this hangtag belongs to then has one week to contact us with a picture of the hang tag and t-shirt and to let us know which t-shirt they would like as their prize...then, we'll ship it to them - just like that...

So, you might be reading this thinking "but I don't have a t-shirt so how can I win one?" which is a good question. The simple answer is you can't give you every chance of entering for a free t-shirt we have slashed 5 euro (about $6.75) off the price of our t-shirts AND if you have a coupon code you can also that ;) Why not get a 15% off coupon code? ...and yep, we still have free shiping worldwide!

And, Bonus Batch Bingo is going to be a regular occurrence and your hang tag will be entered into every draw - make sure you're entered for the first draw! If you don't have t-shirt get one in our online t-shirt shop and avail of the huge discounts and maybe even win another..The sale will start tomorrow (23rd of April) and last until May the 1st and we'll then find out who has won a FREE t-shirt..

How does that sound to you? Who is feeling lucky?
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

What do Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, Lady Gaga and Penelope Cruz have in Common?

To be honest we don't know either!

We just had some spare time today so decided to have some photoshop fun and see what our t-shirts would look like on some stars. We chose Lady Gaga because of obvious name connection, Penelope is there to represent Spain, Cheryl was suggested to us by a twitter friend @mummiafelice and well you just have to include Beyonce... So, the one thing we do know that they have in common is that we chose to photoshop them and clad them out in our ladies t-shirts..hopefully they won't mind - eeek...Anyway, without further ado, enjoy and why not press that lovely green RT button :)

Beyonce in "What Came First the Chicken or LadyUmbrella?"

Cheryl in "LadyUmbrella and the Trike"

Lady Gaga in "LadyUmbrella likes to Strut"

Penelope in "LadyUmbrella is Away with the Birds"

We think they look pretty good and the photoshopping gave us some entertainment for a few hours.. which one is your favourite? And who else would you like to see get a LadyUmbrella photoshop fashion makeover?

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow Friday 16th April 2010

So, it's Friday which as usual means all out #FF madness on twitter which at times can be a bit manic and without much value. Today however, amongst the #FF and RT melee I spotted a tweet from my friend Chris who runs a funny t-shirt company called Rizzotees. His tweet had a link which led me to his Follow Friday blog post which proves to be the motivation for this post..

I think it is a great idea to kind of chart who your #FF's are at a certain moment in time so that you can look back and have one of those "Oh yea, I remember that" moments. I also think it's only a matter of time until everyone is doing FF posts - Chris you genius..onto my ffs...

@Rizzo Tees - needless to say he has to be top of the list, great guy and friend with some hilarious tshirts, a must follow

@RachelLK - This girl is a star. I can no longer access my facebook for some random reason and turned to twitter, she came to the fore and with some luck my a/c will be up and running again. Thank you so much Rachel..

@Seven Days - Seven Days are a top notch band from Kildare who are about to blow up. Check out their amazingly funky tune "Easier".

@365daygirl - is a seriously cool girl who happened to buy a tee from us a while back. It isn't our tee that makes her cool but her 365 Day Project she is doing to master the art of social media.

@tikiclaire - a real fun and friendly amiga from Mexico who understands my pigeon Spanish..

@richardtwomey - I don't have a lot of twitter peeps that I've actually met in person so when photographer Richard Twomey started following me it was nice to be able to go "Oh I know that guy"..Richard was in my brothers class in school years ago so I know him from there..

@teesinapod - is an online project I've gotten involved with recently that is going to be a weekly podcast aimed at helping online businesses which launches this Monday..

And thats enough for you to follow and check out this week, thanks again to Chris for the idea..Who are your #FF's?

Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to contact facebook I would love to hear them so I can possibly get my account unbanned - until then I'm not one of the 500 million people on facebook - doh!
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

All Hail Sir David!

What a day! I have to catalog this day..I'm a fan of firsts, first sale to a new country, first sale of the full collection, first boutique to stock us - basically things that I deem newsworthy in the life and times of LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts. Today proved to be another one of those much sought after firsts...

As usual it was a busy day in LUHQ as we were working on our new designs (oh, I said it! - coming soon, ole), networking with fine people and had a nice number of orders (thank you!) to pack..We launched on the 20th of January but today is the first time that every order we received contained a common design. We had lots of orders for 2 t-shirts and single t-shirts but every order today contained, you guessed it, LadyUmbrella is Friends with Sir David Attenborough - all hail Sir David. Perhaps a lot of folks came across the great review it got a while back from the awesome Loving this Tee blog - I guess I'll never know but a bit of mystery never bothered me ;)

So this is Sir Davids moment in the limelight and I'd like to tell you a bit about it. You may or may not know that each of our designs has a story that goes along with, for Sir David it reads:

"Both an environmentalist and conservationist LadyUmbrella is always trying to help the planet. This scene portrays LadyUmbrella raising awareness about the melting ice caps by scoping out the penguins three; Pat, Richie and P..."

As a youth (this is where it gets juicy so press the RT button hehe) I watched a lot of nature tv shows so naturally (like that huh?) I ended up watching and learning lots from Sir David Attenborough. His ability to give such detailed information about animals in, at times, compromising and dangerous situations with his trademark style and delivery was astounding. The thing that I learned most though I think from watching his shows is the ability to observe. The reason he was able to place his life in jeopardy is because he was alert, he was observing, looking for signals or signs of danger and threat and so was able to get some of the remarkable footage that he got.

Our "t-shirts tale" above is what came to my mind when I first saw the design Elena had done. We know it's not going to save the world but it is our tribute to a really great man and if some people read the story and think a little about conservation and helping our environment or make a positive change then tres bien. For those of you hungry for LadyUmbrella trivia the penguins three or so named because, well, it rhymes. On a more meaningful level though they are also 3 old skool (with a k) amigos of mine that I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with for a few years. In a former life I was the singer and guitar player in a band called Made in Taiwan with Pat being the lead guitar player, Richie the bass player and P the beat meister - some great times..

But, back to present times and I've crunched some numbers. Our online t-shirt shop has been live for 80 days and 80 nights - just about enough time to travel around the world...

And on that note, I bid you adieu wherever you are in the world, hope you enjoyed the tidbits of trivia (really, I do.. would love to hear what you think, leave a comment and let me know) and stay happy...

P.S. the second picture, with the typewriter, is our t-shirt on the set of the upcoming British movie Booked Out which is due for release later this year - pretty cool huh?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Have a Winner!

What a manic few days it has been. We decided to give away a free ladies t-shirt because we reached a mind boggling 4,000 fans on our facebook fanpage. To enter into the draw all one had to do was let us know which t-shirt they liked or was their favourite...we didn't expect what would happen then...

People went crazy for the t-shirt..We've never received as many retweets on twitter as we did over the last two days..On top of that tons of people shared it on facebook and in total we got a staggering 189 entries - some great fun comments so thank you all for entering and spreading the word..

Anyway, when we decided to make a movie for the draw which you can see just below..Hope you like it and why not press that glorious retweet button in the top right :) Mad thanks go out to our independent observer, the man behind the Wise Owl, the one and only Skip.

As the video says we have a consolation prize for those who didn't win the t-shirt..For the next 24 hours the coupon code twenty24 will get you 20% off and free shipping so feel free to take full advantage of it in our online t-shirt store...

And, this blog is home the unseen footage, the "rigs" and things that we don't put anywhere else..and here is a gem, an out take from the Big Prize Draw video - Elena going loco - enjoy..

Would love to hear what you think about the video so please leave a comment..stay happy all, ole..

P.S. - don't forget, 20% off NOW..go go go..

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Monday, April 12, 2010


It doesn't happen very often but we are giving away a free ladies t-shirt to celebrate getting 4,000 facebook fans..We're really happy to have gotten so many friends so want to give a t-shirt away for free..To enter all you have to do is leave a comment either here on our facebook fanpage and let us know which design is your favourite..You can enter now and closing time for entries is 8pm GMT on Tuesday 13th April..good luck :)
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Friday, April 2, 2010

We Like to Do Things Differently!

We like to do things differently here at LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts as it keeps things interesting and exciting for us - and hopefully for you too...In the past we've had a few fun deals and promtions but we've been rather quiet about the big one...the big one which excites us the most and which we hope all of those who have already bought a LadyUmbrella t-shirt know about - Bonus Batch Bingo...And, for those of you who read this blog you're going to get to see our new video before anyone else because I like you guys :) We'll put it on the fanpage in a few days but for now this is the place to see it..

One of things at the very core of LadyUmbrella is our desire to give our customers something that is unique to them and that no one else will have. We try do this via our time consuming hangtags..Our hangtag, the card which usually displays some info about the t-shirt or product, has been transformed into a ticket of sorts into what we call Bonus Batch Bingo. Here you can see one of our 6 different hangtags (each t-shirt has its own hangtag)..And if you like the image please press the big green RT button in the top right - every RT makes us smile :)

Each of our hangtags go through a disciplined and dedicated stamping process. Then, as we receive an order Elena signs, numbers and dates the hangtag so that whoever buys it will have something that no one else will have...Here is our new video about said tags and you guys, our beloved blog readers, are the first to see it - let us know what you think!!

We then had the idea of Bonus Batch Bingo whereby we would draw a number at random which would correspond to one hangtag batch code and whoever owns that t-shirt will win one of their choosing..All the winner has to do is send us a picture of the t-shirt and hangtag (preferably with them wearing it hehe) or put it on our facebook fanpage within 5 days and we'll send them any t-shirt they want - just like that...

And that's that, our hangtags and how we are going to do things a little bit differently..what do you think? think it is a fun little idea? Any other ideas for fun things we could do with our hangtags? and what did you think of our latest video? Lets hear it...and, to get yourself entered into bonus batch bingo you should really go here ;) Stay happy all and have a great Easter..

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