Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Resolutions: The Importance of Happiness

At LadyUmbrella t-shirts we champion the phrase of "Stay Happy" and the importance of happiness was acutely highlighted to me on the 23rd of December. This blog is titled "LadyUmbrella t-shirts and life" - this post falls into the latter of the two.

On the 23rd of December my loving, caring and healthy mother got paralysed. She woke at 8am and was getting breakfast ready in the kitchen. She got some pins and needles in her feet and then 15 minutes later was paralysed from just above her belly button down. It transpired after emergency surgery later that day that she had suffered a prolapse disc (aka herniated disc/slipped disc) which 73% of the time does no "real" damage. Unfortunately my mothers was a rare rare case and it turned out her disc was "calcified" making it a lot harder and doing more damage. I've been with her every day since in the hospital and just willing feeling to return to her once active, dancing, life loving limbs. Feel free to send some positive energy her way so that she can recover.

And so, the importance of happiness. The happenings of the last 8 days has starkly highlighted to me that we are but fragile creatures with no real control of things. The saying of "you're not here for a long but a good time" is resonating with me now, reverberating around my mind. I would say my outlook on life has changed - things can't be taken for granted. There really is no way of knowing what may happen at anytime. My mothers plight hammers this point home.

As a result of my mothers misfortune the launch of LadyUmbrella t-shirts is still undetermined. We pretty much have everything lined up and hope to get going soon but my time is now more divided than ever before. Also, I'm down a "member of staff" as my mother was looking forward to spending time in LUHQ and help me pack up the orders as we receive them - she is one hell of t-shirt folder, she folded mine for so many years..I dearly hope to have her by my side folding t-shirts sometime soon..

So, as this New Year approaches I have my resolutions nailed down: focus on happiness, don't take things for granted and try to live life each day..what are yours? I genuinely wish all who read this a great 2010 and that you don't take things for granted..stay happy, really - why not?

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Young Werther said...

I'm so sorry to read about Mum.

Mate, life's never a straight road, there'll be bumps and potholes but if you know where you're going, you'll get there!

Fingers crossed...

LadyUmbrella said...

Hey, thanks for that..true, no easy roads in great news to report about her condition, we'll just have to keep on truckin'...