Sunday, December 13, 2009

How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life Video

Hello all..just a short blog post to herald the era of cinematic goodnes here at LadyUmbrella t-shirts. Some of you may recall that we recorded a movie a weeks ago which has been edited supremely to become "How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life".

The man in charge of the edits was the very capable, the Latvian Spielbert, Mr. Ivars Burtnieks. You can find more of his videos on his youtube page. We are most thankful for the time and effort he put into making our video and can only say good things about him. If you want a video made he is the man to get in touch with..

Anyway, without further ado I'll leave you with our movie - How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life - sincerely hope you enjoy and want to know what you think? You like the clouds in the background? Know all about us after watching it? Want a tee? Feeling happy?

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emmskibeatz said...

Love the insight on how Lady Umbrella comes to life. You guys look like you enjoy & are really excited by your work. You have reminded me that I haven't ordered yet too... will get on the case! Well done & good luck! x

LadyUmbrella said...

Hey, thank you! Indeed, we live, breathe, eat and sleep LadyUmbrella - all we know at this stage :) Can't wait to send a t-shirt your way..