Friday, May 28, 2010

Follow Friday 28th May 2010

Another Friday greets us, heralding another weekend which I'm sure we're all very grateful for..I harbour hopes of perhaps cracking out the BBQ this weekend, with some luck we'll have some sunshine, you have any plans? Anyway, onto the Follow Friday list for this week, a nice mix bag here..enjoy...

@SoundGateMedia - is a relatively new twitter account set up by a friend of mine who is a music promoter with SoundGateMedia. He has recently lined up Wilson Dixie for his only show in Dublin, check out the hilarious vid below.

@L_Hawkins - aka the Search Engine Surgeon is a really engaging tweep who has been helping us out a bit with SEO..if SEO means nothing to you then contact Lyle - he'll sort you out..

@Crocktees - is a great t-shirt company from San Fran. The main man in charge, Tobin Jones, is a guy I get on well with and we regularly discuss beer o'clock and the weather in San Fran. Check out his site and get the follow on..

@JamesBlute - is a new tweep I met this week and straight away got on (randomly). He may soon launch "BrollyBros" as male alternative to our offering hehe..until then though you can find him at Get Clients Blue Print which is worth checking out..

@Kazane1 - I'm a lover of coffee, no doubt about that..I also have a pretty messed up body clock, also no doubt about that..Yet, when I tweet about drinking coffee 9 times out of @Kazane1 has also just started a cup..bizarre and brilliant..and to top it off she is a lover of jellies - ole..

@MaiaKrallFry - is a young and upcoming English actress who will soon be all over the silver screen..we've been tweeting with her for a while & have found it a most pleasant experience..check her out and watch her in her latest short movie..Remember the name..

@YouthSportMark - I'm surprised I haven't mentioned him in previous FF blog posts but the guy is a champ..Took me a while to cop his name is Richard and not Mark but has been plain sailing since, real good guy..get the follow on..

And that's a wrap..7 more tweeps for you to follow..And, well, why not a bonus? She has been mentioned before but fasionista extraordinaire @LadyMPresents submitted a picture of her wearing her LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirt to a competition on Fashbo - would be amazing if we could win so please why take a second to vote :)

And, if you haven't entered yet our 2 t-shirt giveaway will end at 8pm GMT today! Get your name in the hat now and have a great weekend..ole..

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Double Trouble - 2 T-Shirt Give Away!!

It has happened, we've hit 5,000 facebook fans before Rob's birthday and to celebrate we're giving away not one but two ladies t-shirts - double trouble time..

So, how do you enter? Well, you'll be pleased to hear we've made it pretty easy, just go to our facebook fanpage and leave us a comment letting us know which design is your favorite..just like that..You have until Friday 28th May to enter and we'll announce the winner not too long after that...Go on, press the RT button and tell a friend, it helps us out so much..

So, which one is your favorite? Good luck!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunshine and Feeling 5k Fine [VID]

You are may not be aware that we are trying to get to 5,000 fans on our facebook fanpage - hehe, I hope you've heard about it ;)

Anyway, we are close now, closer than ever before, to 5,000 fans which is really incredible for us. There are only two of us involved with LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts, myself and Elena, and we are just blown away by the support we have received. Since launching our fanpage in August we have honestly been overwhelmed at the response we have received and we are really humbled and thankful. You guys, the people who read this blog and leave comments on our fanpage etc, are giving us a chance at living our dream and words can't express how thankful we really are...

Even though words can't do our thanks justice and our video skills leave a lot to be deisred we have endeavoured to make a vid to give you thanks and a big thumbs up..

We basked in the sunshine for about 3 hours or so to record it and needless to say I got sunburnt - felt the heat radiating from my arms, ears, neck and face last night. Elena on the other hand though found it chilly at times...Irish skin is just not cut out for the sun I guess..

Anyway, enough of the talk, enjoy our vid and if you can press that great big RT button above - might just help us get to 5,000 fans before my birthday which would result in a partay and a half..

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Landmark Day for LadyUmbrella!!!

So here it is LUFriends, some juicy news for you, the inside scoop on what's happening in the world of LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts. I like to let you, our blog readers, know what is happening first, so here it is...

It has been a landmark day for us. Two hours ago Elena and I met with Aisling from The Loft Market in Powerscourt Shopping Centre for what turned out the be a great meeting. The three of us talked for a bit and we were lucky enough to be offered a place in the Loft Market which is pretty epic for us..

So here it is...From 14th of June LadyUmbrella will be in the Loft Market (just have to sign some paperwork to make it all official but it's looking good)every Friday, Saturday and Sunday...We are so excited to be able to meet our customers in real life and well sell more t-shirts and continue to grow...

It has been a landmark day for us...I urge you to tell someone about it, help us get the word out, press the RT button up the top and share this post..It would help us out immensely..The sun is shining and I can hear the BBQ calling but I leave you with one parting question...ole!

Will you come and visit us in the shop??
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow Friday 21st May 2010

Those avid blog readers out there will have noticed that I missed last weeks Follow Friday blog - I do apologise. I've been pretty crazy busy with our facebook fanpage and trying to get 5,000 fans before my birthday - the work is never done I tells ya..Anyway, onto the follows..

@poisonsix9 - I mentioned about that we're trying to get 5,000 fans and this tweeter has been sensational and given us so much support and RTs - really, thank you..

@TheStyleRawr - RAWR, hear their roar..there are some new bloggers in town who were kind enough to mention us. Well worth following and watching these movers and shakers in operation..

@PandoraApparel - A new t-shirt company based in Ireland set up by some good friends of mine..some might say competition but we say camaraderie..follow them on twitter, fb & check out their blog and watch them grow..

@JBenjamin82 - is another clothing company who were the competition this week :) Whilst we were trying to get 5,000 FB fans they were trying to get 300 and they made it before is, drat..The good news is that the great peeps at JBenjamin Clothing now have a chunky 30% off to celebrate - join in the fun..

@LadyMPresents - Is a top notch fashion blogger who mentioned us in the past but also become our first "victim". She ordered a tee from us and we made our first mistake and sent her the wrong tee..We chastised ourselves and apologised profusely and thankfully were able to right the wrong - LadyM is well worth the follow and we thank her for her understanding..

@ScattyCrazy - is a nice girl all the way from Vietnam who we've had the pleasure of tweeting with recently. Gotta love the power of the web for being able to make all sorts of connections..

@TeesInAPod - is an online podcast project that I'm involved which is proving to be quite a bit of fun...Find out what it is all about right here..

And that's a wrap for this that lovely green RT button so this can coarse through the veins of Twitter on this Follow Friday..have a great weekend everyone...
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A FANtastic Outfit

Hey all, just a short post to share with you a pretty fantastic outfit that one of our "fans" came up with which features our Sir David ladies t-shirt. Elena put up one a picture of her ensemble on our facebook fanpage which prompted @JenJanex to come up with the below...Personally, I really dig the shorts and hope to see a few people rocking this pretty nifty combo at some stage soon...What do you think of the outfit? Any colour combinations of your own to share?

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are on the Internet but we are Human - Give Away!

We have just passed 4,500 facebook fans which to us is nuts. When we started the fanpage in August we never thought we'd get that number of fans at all - yet here we are. This is just a quick post take stock and share a dream we had with you..and to give away some t-shirts - read on ;)

We are on the Internet but we are human. All the comments and messages we receive from you are truly incredible and really make us feel good to be alive. It is staggering. We've had the pleasure of connecting with lots of you and sending you our ladies t-shirts and genuinely like to interact with you and get your feedback and thoughts.

One of the things that makes us all human is birthdays - Rob's birthday is the 30th of May. Way back when we started the fanpage we set what we thought was a completely unrealistic target of 5,000 facebook fans by Robs birthday. This is now possible and within our grasp but we need your help to get there...

Please, please, please suggest our page to some of your friends..Imagine if everyone got one friend to join?? or 2 friends? Really, the mind boggles at what could happen if you could take one minute to help us out..There is some nifty code and instructions below which selects all your friends if you want to send out a lot of suggestions (that would be amazing!)..Leave a comment when you send out suggestions so we can thank you with a chunky 25% off coupon!!

We said we'd give away a t-shirt when we had 5,000 fans but instead now we'll give 2 away if we make it before Robs can make it happen by suggesting the page to your friends and those who do will be entered into the draw for the t-shirts twice!!

If you read this please give this post a "thumbs up", leave a comment on it, press the green RT button above, share it on your wall and even better, act on it. Getting 5,000 fans would be Rob's perfect birthday present - and it can happen. You can make it happen..Imagine the ole?

Robs birthday is in 19 days, so thats 19 days to get 500 fans - it's possible isn't it?..we are on the internet but we are human, please, make us happy humans :)

Here is how to invite all your friends without clicking all of them! (might not work in firefox but fine in other browsers)

1. Copy the following text:

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li'); for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

2. Go to our facebook fanpage and click the "Suggest to friends" link directly under the page picure.
3. Make your address bar empty (the browser field above where you enter a websites address)
4. Paste the copied text into the address bar (not the popup window which contains your friends) and press 'Enter'.
5. Now all your friends will be highlighted. Click "Send Invitations" and you're done!
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow Friday 7th May 2010

Another Friday is upon us which means the usual #FF & #followfriday pandemonium on Twitter. What it means for this blog is that I list out some of the tweeps who I've been in tweeting with throughout the week, tweeps who've been rockin' my twittersphere...

@ThatTweetThing - is an awesome girl who I've been tweeting with about all things for quite a while now..more recently she helped provide a movie choice and recommended Bruno as it scored highly on her TTT scale - ask her about it..Bruno shall be watched soon ;)

@HCCMK - the world works in strange ways. A while back I recommended @sevendaysonline to @HCCMK only to discover that she was already a fan and from that point on we've had a bit of banter. She is also an RT champ so we thank you for that..good luck in the exams hehe..

@paulbaines - is the scribe behind the wonderfully penned blog which has been kind enough to feature us in the past. Paul churns out top notch posts & thanks to Google Buzz I don't miss them. It is a must read blog for t-shirt lovers.

@StatiK99 - We've been running in similiar online social media circles for a bit but this week we got the tweet on about music..Like myself he is a bit of a guitar player who hasn't played enough recently - we feel each others pain..real good dude worth following..

@C_R_U_U_U - Yet another good guy I've been in contact with for quite a while and Irish to boot. He is masterminding a nifty app which will be out soon. He also gave us the heads up to get our lookbook online earlier this week..get the follow on so you don't miss his app when it drops..

@silran666 - Well, what can I say about this guy..Starting tweeting him thanks to @365daygirl from our stronghold in Utah and it has been most enjoyable..Whether we're talking about hot sauce or horse riding there is always a chuckle to be had..Another must follow..

@color_my_closet - Whilst I haven't tweeted her much when I RT'd her article about The 20 Piece Wardrobe I got a lovely thank you tweet back. Not all tweeps do this so she instantly gets a whole lot of good twitter karma with me. On top of that it is a great article so check it out (I learned a lot hehe)..
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vikings and Vietnam?

The thing I love about working with LadyUmbrella, living and breathing it every single moment of every single day, is the wide array of new things that happen and all our new milestones. I'm continually learning new things and really embracing this whole entrepreneurial thing - viva!..anyway, I digress, onto Vikings and Vietnam.

I'm a fan of watching documentaries of all kinds. Earlier this week I was watching a documentary about Vikings - the horned helmet wearing hell raisers from Scandinavia who pillaged and plundered all in their path. Shortly after watching the documentary we got our first sale in Scandinavia and have now had pleasure of sending one of our ladies t-shirts way north to Norway. Funny the way things work out sometimes and the intriguing coincidences that occur (remember Canada?)..In any event, I'm going to watch more documentaries now and see what other coincidences may occur..and please, press the RT button - might help make more coincidences :)

We also broke more new ground yesterday and can now place a LadyUmbrella flag in Vietnam which is mind boggling. I don't speak Vietnamese nor do I know anyone from Vietnam but somehow they found us and our t-shirts are now embarking on their journey to the other side of the world...We wish them a safe and pleasant trip..

It is a big world out there - I know this, I watch documentaries ;) - but we are steadily expanding and shipping to different countries and this excites us no end. Like I said at the beginning, I live LadyUmbrella, day in and day out, and having these mini milestones really makes it so enjoyable.. So, as they say in Norway takk skal du ha and in Vietnam cảm ơn bạn and to those of you with a disposition to English - thank you..

So, any coincidences happen you recently? Leave a comment and let us know..and care to hazard a guess as to what our next new country to ship to might be? Stay happy all and hope to have more milestones to share with you soon..ole
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bonus Batch Bingo Winner!

We have held our inaugral Bonus Batch Bingo draw and can now reveal that the winning Batch Code is 1 - 1 - 40. This code belongs to our Away with the Birds t-shirt so if it is you get in touch with us (by email, facebook, twitter or here) now to claim your prize.

Lets quickly recap on what Bonus Batch Bingo is. All of our t-shirts have hang tags which are stamped, signed, numbered and dated by our designer Elena. This means that each t-shirt is unique to whoever buys it. We are going to hold Bonus Batch Bingo draws regularly and whoever owns the t-shirt for the hang tag number that comes out of the draw wins another ladies t-shirt of their choice..Just like that...

Lots more news coming soon, stay happy all...
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

On Top of El Mundo!

A new month and another milestone for our ladies t-shirts! Hope your May has started brilliantly - ours has..We had our first Bonus Batch Bingo draw and will announce the winner tomorrow...Today, however, we are on top of El Mundo!

We have received a few lovely mentions in the national press here in Ireland but today things got a little bit more global. We were printed in El Mundo - one of the largest national papers in Spain - which is really incredible. Please press that RT button and help us share the news :)

And, because of the article, we've got a stream of orders coming in from Spain now which is also really nice.. Check out the article and translation below and why not order a tee yourself?..Stay happy..

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