Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow Friday 21st May 2010

Those avid blog readers out there will have noticed that I missed last weeks Follow Friday blog - I do apologise. I've been pretty crazy busy with our facebook fanpage and trying to get 5,000 fans before my birthday - the work is never done I tells ya..Anyway, onto the follows..

@poisonsix9 - I mentioned about that we're trying to get 5,000 fans and this tweeter has been sensational and given us so much support and RTs - really, thank you..

@TheStyleRawr - RAWR, hear their roar..there are some new bloggers in town who were kind enough to mention us. Well worth following and watching these movers and shakers in operation..

@PandoraApparel - A new t-shirt company based in Ireland set up by some good friends of mine..some might say competition but we say camaraderie..follow them on twitter, fb & check out their blog and watch them grow..

@JBenjamin82 - is another clothing company who were the competition this week :) Whilst we were trying to get 5,000 FB fans they were trying to get 300 and they made it before is, drat..The good news is that the great peeps at JBenjamin Clothing now have a chunky 30% off to celebrate - join in the fun..

@LadyMPresents - Is a top notch fashion blogger who mentioned us in the past but also become our first "victim". She ordered a tee from us and we made our first mistake and sent her the wrong tee..We chastised ourselves and apologised profusely and thankfully were able to right the wrong - LadyM is well worth the follow and we thank her for her understanding..

@ScattyCrazy - is a nice girl all the way from Vietnam who we've had the pleasure of tweeting with recently. Gotta love the power of the web for being able to make all sorts of connections..

@TeesInAPod - is an online podcast project that I'm involved which is proving to be quite a bit of fun...Find out what it is all about right here..

And that's a wrap for this that lovely green RT button so this can coarse through the veins of Twitter on this Follow Friday..have a great weekend everyone...
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