Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are on the Internet but we are Human - Give Away!

We have just passed 4,500 facebook fans which to us is nuts. When we started the fanpage in August we never thought we'd get that number of fans at all - yet here we are. This is just a quick post take stock and share a dream we had with you..and to give away some t-shirts - read on ;)

We are on the Internet but we are human. All the comments and messages we receive from you are truly incredible and really make us feel good to be alive. It is staggering. We've had the pleasure of connecting with lots of you and sending you our ladies t-shirts and genuinely like to interact with you and get your feedback and thoughts.

One of the things that makes us all human is birthdays - Rob's birthday is the 30th of May. Way back when we started the fanpage we set what we thought was a completely unrealistic target of 5,000 facebook fans by Robs birthday. This is now possible and within our grasp but we need your help to get there...

Please, please, please suggest our page to some of your friends..Imagine if everyone got one friend to join?? or 2 friends? Really, the mind boggles at what could happen if you could take one minute to help us out..There is some nifty code and instructions below which selects all your friends if you want to send out a lot of suggestions (that would be amazing!)..Leave a comment when you send out suggestions so we can thank you with a chunky 25% off coupon!!

We said we'd give away a t-shirt when we had 5,000 fans but instead now we'll give 2 away if we make it before Robs can make it happen by suggesting the page to your friends and those who do will be entered into the draw for the t-shirts twice!!

If you read this please give this post a "thumbs up", leave a comment on it, press the green RT button above, share it on your wall and even better, act on it. Getting 5,000 fans would be Rob's perfect birthday present - and it can happen. You can make it happen..Imagine the ole?

Robs birthday is in 19 days, so thats 19 days to get 500 fans - it's possible isn't it?..we are on the internet but we are human, please, make us happy humans :)

Here is how to invite all your friends without clicking all of them! (might not work in firefox but fine in other browsers)

1. Copy the following text:

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li'); for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

2. Go to our facebook fanpage and click the "Suggest to friends" link directly under the page picure.
3. Make your address bar empty (the browser field above where you enter a websites address)
4. Paste the copied text into the address bar (not the popup window which contains your friends) and press 'Enter'.
5. Now all your friends will be highlighted. Click "Send Invitations" and you're done!
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