Friday, May 28, 2010

Follow Friday 28th May 2010

Another Friday greets us, heralding another weekend which I'm sure we're all very grateful for..I harbour hopes of perhaps cracking out the BBQ this weekend, with some luck we'll have some sunshine, you have any plans? Anyway, onto the Follow Friday list for this week, a nice mix bag here..enjoy...

@SoundGateMedia - is a relatively new twitter account set up by a friend of mine who is a music promoter with SoundGateMedia. He has recently lined up Wilson Dixie for his only show in Dublin, check out the hilarious vid below.

@L_Hawkins - aka the Search Engine Surgeon is a really engaging tweep who has been helping us out a bit with SEO..if SEO means nothing to you then contact Lyle - he'll sort you out..

@Crocktees - is a great t-shirt company from San Fran. The main man in charge, Tobin Jones, is a guy I get on well with and we regularly discuss beer o'clock and the weather in San Fran. Check out his site and get the follow on..

@JamesBlute - is a new tweep I met this week and straight away got on (randomly). He may soon launch "BrollyBros" as male alternative to our offering hehe..until then though you can find him at Get Clients Blue Print which is worth checking out..

@Kazane1 - I'm a lover of coffee, no doubt about that..I also have a pretty messed up body clock, also no doubt about that..Yet, when I tweet about drinking coffee 9 times out of @Kazane1 has also just started a cup..bizarre and brilliant..and to top it off she is a lover of jellies - ole..

@MaiaKrallFry - is a young and upcoming English actress who will soon be all over the silver screen..we've been tweeting with her for a while & have found it a most pleasant experience..check her out and watch her in her latest short movie..Remember the name..

@YouthSportMark - I'm surprised I haven't mentioned him in previous FF blog posts but the guy is a champ..Took me a while to cop his name is Richard and not Mark but has been plain sailing since, real good guy..get the follow on..

And that's a wrap..7 more tweeps for you to follow..And, well, why not a bonus? She has been mentioned before but fasionista extraordinaire @LadyMPresents submitted a picture of her wearing her LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirt to a competition on Fashbo - would be amazing if we could win so please why take a second to vote :)

And, if you haven't entered yet our 2 t-shirt giveaway will end at 8pm GMT today! Get your name in the hat now and have a great weekend..ole..

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