Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vikings and Vietnam?

The thing I love about working with LadyUmbrella, living and breathing it every single moment of every single day, is the wide array of new things that happen and all our new milestones. I'm continually learning new things and really embracing this whole entrepreneurial thing - viva!..anyway, I digress, onto Vikings and Vietnam.

I'm a fan of watching documentaries of all kinds. Earlier this week I was watching a documentary about Vikings - the horned helmet wearing hell raisers from Scandinavia who pillaged and plundered all in their path. Shortly after watching the documentary we got our first sale in Scandinavia and have now had pleasure of sending one of our ladies t-shirts way north to Norway. Funny the way things work out sometimes and the intriguing coincidences that occur (remember Canada?)..In any event, I'm going to watch more documentaries now and see what other coincidences may occur..and please, press the RT button - might help make more coincidences :)

We also broke more new ground yesterday and can now place a LadyUmbrella flag in Vietnam which is mind boggling. I don't speak Vietnamese nor do I know anyone from Vietnam but somehow they found us and our t-shirts are now embarking on their journey to the other side of the world...We wish them a safe and pleasant trip..

It is a big world out there - I know this, I watch documentaries ;) - but we are steadily expanding and shipping to different countries and this excites us no end. Like I said at the beginning, I live LadyUmbrella, day in and day out, and having these mini milestones really makes it so enjoyable.. So, as they say in Norway takk skal du ha and in Vietnam cảm ơn bạn and to those of you with a disposition to English - thank you..

So, any coincidences happen you recently? Leave a comment and let us know..and care to hazard a guess as to what our next new country to ship to might be? Stay happy all and hope to have more milestones to share with you soon..ole
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