Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow Friday 7th May 2010

Another Friday is upon us which means the usual #FF & #followfriday pandemonium on Twitter. What it means for this blog is that I list out some of the tweeps who I've been in tweeting with throughout the week, tweeps who've been rockin' my twittersphere...

@ThatTweetThing - is an awesome girl who I've been tweeting with about all things for quite a while now..more recently she helped provide a movie choice and recommended Bruno as it scored highly on her TTT scale - ask her about it..Bruno shall be watched soon ;)

@HCCMK - the world works in strange ways. A while back I recommended @sevendaysonline to @HCCMK only to discover that she was already a fan and from that point on we've had a bit of banter. She is also an RT champ so we thank you for that..good luck in the exams hehe..

@paulbaines - is the scribe behind the wonderfully penned blog which has been kind enough to feature us in the past. Paul churns out top notch posts & thanks to Google Buzz I don't miss them. It is a must read blog for t-shirt lovers.

@StatiK99 - We've been running in similiar online social media circles for a bit but this week we got the tweet on about music..Like myself he is a bit of a guitar player who hasn't played enough recently - we feel each others pain..real good dude worth following..

@C_R_U_U_U - Yet another good guy I've been in contact with for quite a while and Irish to boot. He is masterminding a nifty app which will be out soon. He also gave us the heads up to get our lookbook online earlier this week..get the follow on so you don't miss his app when it drops..

@silran666 - Well, what can I say about this guy..Starting tweeting him thanks to @365daygirl from our stronghold in Utah and it has been most enjoyable..Whether we're talking about hot sauce or horse riding there is always a chuckle to be had..Another must follow..

@color_my_closet - Whilst I haven't tweeted her much when I RT'd her article about The 20 Piece Wardrobe I got a lovely thank you tweet back. Not all tweeps do this so she instantly gets a whole lot of good twitter karma with me. On top of that it is a great article so check it out (I learned a lot hehe)..
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