Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Alrighty then, are you ready ready for a platoon of pictures? On Sunday 18th Sept we found ourselves in DStudio to do our photo shoot for our new collection of t-shirts...Behind the camera we had Darren from Life in No Motion, our make up artist was the gifted Madonna and the lovely lady in front of the camera was Alison..We had a lot of fun together doing the shoot and the following or some behind the scene type pictures for your perusal while we frantically select and edit the pictures for our site..

Darren Looks Through A Magazine to see how he wants Alison to contort..

Two cameras at the same time - always challenging for a model..

A few touch ups to make sure everything is as it should be..

See, people were allowed to have a bit of food (as long as they could eat it in 10 mins ;))

I believe the frame came into play at some stage during the day...

A pweddy picture...

I can assure you Alison was fine, she didn't fall from the ladder, was just a misguided idea...

...although when Elena dropped the bucket on her she did yelp a bit ;)

Elena & Alison, still friends at the end...

And, everyone likes a bit of cheese so here is the "Team Pic"

And that's a wrap..We've got a few more fun cheesey pics on facebook which of course I'd highly recommend you check out ;)

For now though, consider yourself warned that the launch of our next collection is just around the corner - we're aiming to have them available early next week...If you jump on our mailing list you'll get a handy e-mail the day they are available so you'll be one of the first people to get them :) So, who wants to get their hands on one of our new designs? If so, which one?

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