Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday 23rd April 2010

Following on from last weeks first Follow Friday post here are this weeks must follows, peeps that make our twitter world just that little bit better...

@iivars - The Latvian Spielberg, a fiend with film and a real good dude. Ivars filmed and edited our "How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life" video (which you can watch below) and has a scholarship to IADT and is in the running to win the Dare2BDrinkAway short film contest - vote for his movie "So What Happened Last Night"

@shibbz - The Couch Surfer who couch surfed because he couldn't afford to pay rent. Happens to be another friend of mine and his Couch Surfing in Dublin blog was just recently noticed by a national newspaper who promptly interviewed him about - well worth checking out..

@sogeshirts - Sogeshirts are a great funny t-shirts company from sunny California. Check out some of their designs and see which ones make you chuckle..

@meabhhannah - is an absolute champ of a fan of ours..she ff's us every Friday and always sends nice tweets our way - thank you Meabh :)

@WhatsWhat_Sian - is a super active and engaging Irish twitterer who has been most supportive of our efforts. Sian and her team have created an Irish Business Directory which is extremely useful for all business in Ireland - get yourself listed ;)

@eleventyfour - is a great singer songwriter from Ireland. Her style is quirky, unique and charming, somewhat like herself..Enjoy the melodies of EleventyFour on MySpace..

@joshuaarnao - hails from California and I've been tweeting with him since I joined twitter pretty guy to tweet with..also has a blog which is worth visiting..

And thats the #FF for this week - lots of things to see and do for you....Have a great weekend all and if you haven't heard about it check out our sale which started today ;) Ole..

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Shibby said...

Cheers for the mention bruv! Great list of people to follow. You know where it's at!

LadyUmbrella said...

Very welcome dude, looking forward to seeing your write up in the papers...