Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow Friday 16th April 2010

So, it's Friday which as usual means all out #FF madness on twitter which at times can be a bit manic and without much value. Today however, amongst the #FF and RT melee I spotted a tweet from my friend Chris who runs a funny t-shirt company called Rizzotees. His tweet had a link which led me to his Follow Friday blog post which proves to be the motivation for this post..

I think it is a great idea to kind of chart who your #FF's are at a certain moment in time so that you can look back and have one of those "Oh yea, I remember that" moments. I also think it's only a matter of time until everyone is doing FF posts - Chris you genius..onto my ffs...

@Rizzo Tees - needless to say he has to be top of the list, great guy and friend with some hilarious tshirts, a must follow

@RachelLK - This girl is a star. I can no longer access my facebook for some random reason and turned to twitter, she came to the fore and with some luck my a/c will be up and running again. Thank you so much Rachel..

@Seven Days - Seven Days are a top notch band from Kildare who are about to blow up. Check out their amazingly funky tune "Easier".

@365daygirl - is a seriously cool girl who happened to buy a tee from us a while back. It isn't our tee that makes her cool but her 365 Day Project she is doing to master the art of social media.

@tikiclaire - a real fun and friendly amiga from Mexico who understands my pigeon Spanish..

@richardtwomey - I don't have a lot of twitter peeps that I've actually met in person so when photographer Richard Twomey started following me it was nice to be able to go "Oh I know that guy"..Richard was in my brothers class in school years ago so I know him from there..

@teesinapod - is an online project I've gotten involved with recently that is going to be a weekly podcast aimed at helping online businesses which launches this Monday..

And thats enough for you to follow and check out this week, thanks again to Chris for the idea..Who are your #FF's?

Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to contact facebook I would love to hear them so I can possibly get my account unbanned - until then I'm not one of the 500 million people on facebook - doh!
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365daygirl said...

Thank you so much for following me - and posting about me on your blog! Very honored! You are one of my favorite tweeps. BTW that teeinapod project sounds very cool and I would love to check it out! Keep up the really real awesomesauce :)

-Apryl the @365daygirl

LadyUmbrella said...

Thanking you Apryl - needless to say you're one of our fav tweeps as well...Ye, Tees in a Pod is blasting off tomorrow which is crazy..all the planning comes to fruition tomorrow..