Friday, November 25, 2011

Ohh Black Friday SALE!! Ram-a-jam

Ohhh Black Friday, ram-a-jam,
Prices so low, ram-a-jam,
Sales so good, ram-a-jam
Ohh Black Friday, ram-a-jam...

That is the little ditty that has been stuck in my head throughout the day as our Black Friday sale has unfolded (to the tune of Black Betty - below).. We kicked it off earlier today and were offering free "Stay Happy" illustrations to the first 10 customers as well as 30% off + free shipping..Happy to report that we've ram-a-jammed past 10 customers so there will be no more free illustrations but there is still 30% off for you with code blackfriday30 (oh so original I know)..

Thus far we have orders destined for the US, Ireland, The Netherlands, Canada, UK and France which is a nifty line up..Hopefully we'll be able to get some orders from a few more differnt countries, it helps me live vicariously and impresses the pants off the ladies in the post office ;) If you want to order head on over to our online shop, choose your threads and enter the code blackfriday30 - code will be valid until midnight on Monday..Needless to say if you could spread the word about our sale to a friend or two that would be immense..I don't expect you to be a fraction as passionate about LadyUmbrella as I am but any help is big time appreciated, you're helping the little guys which is always a good thing to do..

Anyway, before you rush off to order from us enjoy the tune below..Oh Black Friday, ram-a-jam...

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