Friday, November 18, 2011

LadyUmbrella Lands in Kwilla!

Delighted to say some LadyUmbrella gear is now stocked and available in Kwilla in Kilkenny.. It's been a while since we've been stocked in a shop so it's kinda cool to be "back in the game"..

On Wednesday I bused it down to Kilkenny (bused it as I'm not one of those driving folk, have never really driven in my life, it would be handy though) to deliver the stock to Shannon, the owner of Kwilla. Upon arrival to Kwilla I was blown away with how dainty, quirky, charming and cool Kwilla was - not to mention it was laiden with lots of great items..A real shop that you could spend hours rummaging around and coming across lots of great things from Irish designers..Happy to say that we may now be rummaged upon and found..

What was interesting about the LadyU delivery to Kwilla is that it didn't include any t-shirts..T-shirts, to a degree, have been our "bread and butter" but this delivery hammered home to me how far we've gone in less than two years.. Instead of delivering t-shirts I delivered totebags, notebooks, badges and illustrations to Kilkenny - I did so wearing a t-shirt though ;)

Anyway, Kilkenny is a really lovely city..I was there before for a Twitter talk and highly recommend that if you've never been there head on down for a trip..And, if you do, sure you might as well call into Kwilla ;)

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