Thursday, March 25, 2010

We need YOUR Help!!

...and we'll reward you for it :)

So, the other day we had a ton of fun on the facebook fanpage and started off a bit of a "me me me" riot as we asked our beloved facebook fans if any of them would be able to help us out for a reward..

Well, here it is..We launched our online store about 2 months ago and want to get some feedback on it to improve it - we always want to improve. We have set up a short and simple survey which will take you no more than 5 minutes to do (check it out, loads of drop down boxes and stuff, real easy) and you'll help us out no end..

OHH..before talking about the reward, those with keen observation skills might notice the addition of a regal retweet button in the top right of this post..well, that RT button wants to be friends with you and really wants you to click it..go on, click it ;)

And now, back to the scheduled broadcast..So, for those who help us out we're going to lavish them with a whopping 30% off promo code that is valid until April 1st (and no, we ain't fooling hehe).

The way I see it is that it is win win - those of you who want to get a good deal get one and we find out a bit more about our site so that we can make it better (for you!).

I'd really love to hear you thoughts on our site and any suggestions you have so please check out our survey and get yourself a 30% off coupon...Also, leave a comment with any additional suggestions you'd like to give us..stay happy..
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