Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Diet Coke Break?

So, a strange thing happened a few days ago..We were contacted by Thinkhouse to see if we'd be interested in getting some swanky Diet Coke bottles designed by a certain Karl Lagerfeld I'm not one to turn down some free swag or another meander in this LadyUmbrella tale so without hesitation I said yes...Thinkhouse asked us to, well, do anything with the bottles and that is what we did...LadyUmbrella had herself a nice little Diet Coke Break - sure, doesn't she deserve it with our sale on and all that ;)

After seeing LadyUmbrella slugging away on a Diet Coke though Elena got consumed with jealousy (or perhaps it was thirst) and decided she was going to get herself some of the booty and so she did..We received 3 of the new bottles designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Elena was able to get herself one...We also received one of the jumbo sized bottles but we haven't been able to open it yet - I am scared of heights and ladders and don't want to climb to the top to pop it and our combined muscle and might isn't able to tip it over...Ah well, at least it looks good ;)

Sadly, that is the end of our Diet Coke Break as we've got to back to the t-shirts, they are demanding mistresses, but thanks to Thinkhouse for sending the nifty Karl Lagerfeld designed bottles to us - we do quite like the look of them (even though I still drink fully leaded ;))..Stay happy all, ole...

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