Friday, February 19, 2010

Artvertisement in Pygmalion - The Two Part Mini Series (& deleted scene)

Those of you who have read this blog before or have frequented our facebook fanpage will be aware of the fact that we like to make videos to show off our ladies clothes. Our foolish forays into the silver screen led us to create our first 2 part "mini series" which you can see below.

Basically, we got very lucky and were allowed to put up a display in Pygmalion which is a nifty cafe/bar in Dublin. As Elena was making the display we had the idea of recording what we doing and to try make a sweet little video about it. Then one video turned into two as we wanted to try create a bit of intrigue - ultimately advertising an ad I suppose.

Part One of the mini series is entitled "The Murder Bird". To be honest I have no idea why it is called that. For some unknown reason that is the title Elena gave to the file when saving it before sending it to me and I couldn't think of anything better for arousing interest. I immediately had to watch after seeing the title of it so here it is...

We received some fun comments about the video like:
- I love murder mystery... maybe to John Terry!!!
- Is he diving into the picture to land on the blue shirt? I give him a 10 for the dive. :D
- Over the rainbow!
- lol, he looks pretty scary, I',m wondering if he's off to Transylvania!! xxx
And we would love to hear your comments here too...

We then released part two a few days later. Part 2 is called "The Artvertisement" and personally I think it is one of the coolest videos we have made yet. The way Elena edited it all and the music she chose for it is perfect I think..I'm also a big fan of the potato peeler and the spoon (my silly idea of humour - keep your eyes "peeled" and you'll spot them hehe). The video shows how we prepared and installed the LadyUmbrella display. Enjoy the zen the music will bring...

And now, the final clip to show you is the "deleted scene", the one that Elena was all to happy to cut hehe..Elena was the main "cutter outer" for the display (I lie, she did it all, I am useless with scissors) and so I had to call on my method acting skills for this scene (I lie again, I don't have any method acting skills and I'm not an actor hehe..). But I did see Elena cutting for hours so tried to imagine her frustration and is there a better cure for frustration than chili nuts and tea? if so, leave a comment and let me know...

And so, there you have it, our 2 part mini series of our Artvertisement in Pygmalion, Dublin and the "deleted scene" that you hopefully won't be see anywhere else...really hope you enjoy it as it took us hours upon hours to firstly make the display and then even longer to edit these movies..Leave some comments and let us know what you think and why not subscribe to this blog so that you don't miss any more of the deleted scene goodness..

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Kathryn said...

Love the fact that you are so super creative, going beyond just the creativity of your shirts to include these videos and other great stuff.

LadyUmbrella said...

Hey Kathryn, thank you :) Ye, we like to try mix things up a bit and have some fun..we enjoy making the videos and stuff so hopefully people enjoy watching them..