Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Flying V Formation

Our ladies t-shirts assumed the flying V formation to turn a "Dear Diary" moment into, well, a Kodak moment..

Yesterday we received an order for the full El Primera Colleccion and got them packed and shipped out really was a great feeling to see that order come through, 6 of our tees are en route to lovely California, to mix it with San Diego solubrous society (I'm sure hehe) and rub shoulders with the Guvenator of the Bear state..I wish I could join them on their travels alas not today..

Another nifty thing that happened today is that we passed 2,600 fans on the LadyUmbrella Facebook Page which is nice..awesome even..

And so from the flying V to five days left in our special intro price for our tees in our t-shirt shop. Until Wednesday the 27th our tees have been set at 24.99euro as a thank you to all our facebook friends, twitter followers and you whoever may read this..on top of that here is the promo code - lufblove - use it to get 10% all of your order..and there is free shipping worldwide.. spiel over :)

Anyway, I'm off to play pin the country on the map, as our t-shirts make their way to various parts of the globe I find myself becoming more interested in the big old world of ours and what will be the next country to land on my map...any ideas where it might be? Leave me a comment below..any feedback on our shop?...ole..

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Abi said...

love the t-shirts, I remember seeing you around on t-shirt forum's ages ago. You've really got the marketing and promotion thing cracked! Any advice for someone setting out?

LadyUmbrella said...

Hey Abi, thanks for the confidence booster be honest don't think I've anything cracked yet at all but I just believe in giving it my all and leaving nothing in the locker as it were...T-Shirt forums is an invaluable resource and really helped me in getting the foundations for marketing, branding etc so just read, research and study..if you have any specific questions feel free to mail me and I'd be happy to help if I can...all the best..