Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our babies are landing....

Our babies are landing - worldwide..needless to say our babies are our LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts and regular readers and those we affectionately term "LUFANS" will be aware of the fact that we just recently launched our online t-shirt shop. We're also over the moon at the fact that our t-shirts have been whizzing around the globe and I'm now on first name basis with those in the local post office :)

So, where have our t-shirts touched down and what are people saying about them? We have received some lovely comments on our facebook fanpage and I'll just mention them here now to freeze them in the annals of time that a blog provides..

1) Jessica - America
Just got my shirts in the post and i wanted to say how even more awesome they are in person than in the pictures. the designs are beautiful and seriously the quality of the shirts is better than ones in a lot of retail stores. totally happy with my purchase! :) thanks lady umbrella!
She also wrote a blog about the fact here

2) Heidi - America
Hi Rob,I just got my Tee in sunny Florida. LOVE IT! Great job to you and Elena. Best of luck!

3) Mary - Ireland
Hey guys! Just letting you know that I received the t-shirts yesterday! They are georgous. And my sister loves hers. Keep up the good work guys.

4) Fabian - Germany

HeyHo, yesterday the two amazing LadyUmbrella shirts arrived at my home in Germany. I ordered them last Thursday and they're already here. My Girlfriend was so happy when she got them and she looks fantastic in those shirts. So thank you very much Elena and Rob for creating LadyUmbrella ;) Greetz from Germany Fabian

5) Liz - England
2 prize tees arrived this morning and they are luverley, just my sighs! Rob, I thank you for choosing them for me. All hail to Lady Umbrella and may her rain be long and happy. Liz

6) Eliana - Italy
Ciao Rob!!!! grazie mille the t-shirt its fantastic!!i love it!!!

Really we are delighted at the response our t-shirts have gotten and have some BIG BIG news lined up for all you readers out there - stay tuned.

As a company, small and humble, we are elated at how our ladies t-shirts have been received and the response and feedback and the kind words people have been saying.

On a personal level, I'm just flabbergasted and delighted. It has been a real tough journey to get here and I'm aware that the journey is just really starting but I am eager to rise to any challenge that may come in the future. This LadyUmbrella venture has ignited a flame within me and I am 100% committed and passionate about shipping out awesome t-shirts to awesome people. Those of you who have bought a t-shirt already I thank you. It is hard to quantify the pleasure of seeing my inbox light up like a Christmas tree when an order is received as I then know that we can send a bit of happiness somewhere in the world - and that is what it is about for me. Clearly, I want to make a successful business out of LadyUmbrella but that thought is secondary to sending happiness. I want people to be surprised and happy from the moment they place an order with us - those who have ordered already have something to look forward to and know what I'm talking about (and no, it't not just receiving the t-shirt hehe but that will also be special).

Anyway, before this becomes a long rambling and meandering post I'll curb the typing antics now. As I said, some big big news coming soon so check back here pretty soon or why not subscribe? And, I'm taking bets - what will the next new country we ship to be, place your bets

Wales - 3/1
Scotland - 3/1
France - 4/1
Canada - 4/1
Sweden - 5/1
Australia - 6/1
New Zealand - 6/1
Portugal - 6/1
Mexico - 6/1
Argentina - 6/1
Brazil - 7/1

Clearly there are more countries in the world so let me know where you think the next one is going..whoever gets it right will get some goodies...hit me with those comments and stay happy...

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paulineppp said...

I m going for USA


Coistycat said...

I will go with Scotland

After all that is where i live LOL

@Coistycat on Twitter

paulineppp said...

Soooo, I might change my mind now and go for ..... Wales :)

tracey said...

france 4/1 tracey1972 twitter

LadyUmbrella said...

Thanks for the guesses so far..will be interesting (for us at least) to see which is the next new country we can put on our "shipped to" map...time will tell - hopefully not to much time though :)

tracey said...

austrailia as well please ill cover my bets lo,l tracey1972

Sarah said...

I'll go with Scotland - cos that's where Coistycat lives lol

julkenny222 said...

I`ll guess France - they like their fashionable Ts there ...

twitter @relisys222

LadyUmbrella said...

Incredible, wasn't even priced up or considered a contender but the next new country we are shipping to is....drum roll...wait for it....South Korea.. pretty unprecedented and pretty cool..ole..

Coistycat said...

Amazing i would never have guessed that it would be South Korea. xx

LadyUmbrella said...

Neither would I...still taking bets though hehe...I'm going to put my money on Canada...