Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Survived T-Day Twenty One Twenty Ten

Hello all, T-Day, Twenty One Twenty Ten, the day of the LadyUmbrella launch, has come and gone and I am happy to say I am a survivor. It is kinda of a strange feeling to be honest, I had spent so much time working on our ladies t-shirts and promoting our launch that now that we are open for business I almost feel a bizarre emptiness inside...what happens now?

Now, I guess we continue to do what we were doing, keep working hard and continue to get the word out there. Our shop has been open for 26 hours now and its been a long 26 hours. I can see a future of frantic "F fiving" as I refresh various sites and charts to try keep track of what is happening..Packing orders is now a welcome addition to the daily routine and we've already had the pleasure of packing and shipping tshirts to Spain, UK, Germany, the States and of course, Ireland.

Want to take a minute to thank some of the bloggers who wrote about our launch, In My Short Sleeve was the first to get in there and mentioned us just before game time..then, Pop Culture Tees did a great interview with us that is awesome..We then got a real nifty review from Loving This Tee which we are very happy with - people like our tees hehe :) We hope that we'll get a few more blog mentions in the coming days..

Anyway, short and sweet, I have tees to pack and ship and try to find a way of filling the promo void..hopefully you'll take a minute to peruse our t-shirt shop and obviously we've no objections to you making a purchase or two..stay happy all..

P.S. as a little bonus to you guys who read this here is the promo code for our shop, lufblove, that will get you 10% off all of your order, sush now ;)

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