Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When Twitter Fails?

I'll admit I'm new to the twitter world but it has drawn me in, hook, line and sinker...I now admit that I get a sinking feeling whenever I'm greeted with the "Twitter is over capacity" or "too many tweets" screens - however I'm still not too sure why. At worst I might miss a few "secrets to white teeth" tweets, any mentions (@ladyumbrellaltd) will always be there for me...and I like them - say hi..

So, why does Twitter fail? I don't know - probably because there are, like they say, too many tweets going on for their lil ole servers to handle...that or the whale has put on some weight or one of those birds didn't pump enough iron for the task at hand...also their lack of coordination could be a factor...

When twitter fails how do you spend your time? I find the lulls in the tweet-a-sphere allow me a break from the barrage of non stop 160 character (or less) penchants ranging from the nuts to the nude (we all know br.1tneY whatever her name is) to the teeth whitening to t-shirts (I actually get a lot of t-shirt tweets, I like that). During these lulls I like to read about sports (I'm a huge Manchester United fan, anyone else?) and well, get the social "fix" over at facebook and on the LadyUmbrella fanpage - its a busy place and I like to stay on top of it..

My question then readers - how do you spend your time during "twitter over capacity" time? Any TV shows that you watch online to fill the void? some sweet music station that no one has heard of? Perhaps a t-shirt blog that you peruse daily? There is only so much sports news in any given day, please let me know - I need ideas for when twitter fails...

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J. Benjamin said...

When Twitter fails, I usually do the following:
1. Mess around at Facebook. I too, check my fanpage on FB (

2. I check my email accounts

3. I read news on

4. I check out my own store to see how many people have viewed my shirts (

5. I see if I have any comments on my blog or I write new posts (

6. I love checking out what Johnny Cupcakes has been up to. He is such an inspiration (

7. I'm a big baseball fan so I check out and a lot.

8. When some of those are exhausted I just try Twitter again. I'm sure I am missing some but if I notice any other habits I will be sure to repost.