Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Video Super Stars!

It has been way too long since my last post and I do apologise to you all...I'm still struggling to get out of holiday mode from our trip to Barcelona but thems be the breaks...

Anyway, whilst away in Barcelona we received a cool video which mentioned us from @MamaWantsThis which got me thinking of some of the other vids that people have done mentioning us..And so, I've decided to chronicle them here for you're viewing pleasure...Hopefully in time we'll have more and more to share with you...If you have a LadyUmbrella t-shirt we'd absolute love to see a vid of you wearing it :) Enough talk, lights, camera, action!

- A video from the lovely 365 Day Girl Apryl!

- The video which inspired this post, thanks to Alison for giving us such a great shout out!

- This is the last video we have but comes all the way from San Diego which is rather cool, big time thanks to @EllieMendz for the lovely shout out :)

If you have a video of you wearing some LadyU we'd love to see it so please send it our way..And if you don't have a video of you wearing some LadyU then why not record one? Go on, go on, go on :)

P.S. Sharing is caring! Our IT boffins have have got a new Facebook "like" button and Twitter ReTweet button on the top of all our blog posts..Give them a click and make us smile!
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