Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bags of the stuff..

We recently held a sale with GrabOne which resulted in an insane amount of orders in a very short period of time.. LUHQ has been transformed into an all singing, all dancing t-shirt packing compound where Elena is the lead folding machine and Rob (me) is the marksman with the pen and address labels and the "spreadsheetUpdaterGuy"..

It's been great having so many orders and sending so many t-shirts out although the post office wasn't best pleased - usually when I arrive to post orders it doesn't take about 15 minutes for them to add stamps to them (stamps which have doubled in price, sigh) but due to the quantity there is quite a bit of work to be done..

The sale has come at a good time for us though.. Things have been a bit, well, challenging and tough here at LUHQ, and this is the shot in the arm that we needed to get reinvigorated and by god I think I am reinvigorated (or maybe it's the coffee coarsing through me).. Elena has been doing stellar work and has created some really great designs for later this year (dresses people, dresses!!!) and she is working on what could possibly be the coolest diary for 2013..

Anyway, I've probably let a cat of a bag that I shouldn't have but such is life..I wanted to ramble slightly and let you, our LadyUmbrella friends and fans, know what's happening in LUHQ.. Why? Cos you're all freakin' great!!!

Now, just a few more orders to get finished so we best crack on..You can of course keep us packing though, you know what to do! Ole...
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Ellie Nagle said...

I WANT a dress ; )

LadyUmbrella said...

...and we want to send one to you Ellie :) Coming soon (hopefully) :)

Gold Deeds Clothing said...

What a great collection that's!Thanks for sharing this work.

Unknown said...

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