Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Smörgåsbord of t-shirt this and that..

Hello world, avid readers, lost websurfers...Welcome to the fourth installment of LadyUmbrella quirky ladies t-shirts and life..I do apologise for the delay in getting around to writing another blog alas I was in Spain for a week...poor me - it was sunny in Spain, lots of tapas eaten, cold beers drank and in general good times had..back to Ireland now and back to the grind...

So, Spain, the was great..spending time with family and friends over there and trying to get a shop or two interested in selling our wares..and I think it was a successful, there is nothing concrete but we have some stores in mind and we can dream about having a little LadyUmbrella shop on one of the meandering and bewitching winding streets of the Gothic Area in Barcelona..the place is truly incredible, like something out of a fairytale, narrow cobbled streets snaking between, around and through all sorts of bizarre architecture - really nice..Whilst there we had hoped to meet up with a Swedish friend who works with a pretty damn good Swedish band called Industri Royal. One of the guitar players in the band wants to wear one of our t-shirts, LadyUmbrella is Friends With David Attenborough and we figured why not...rock and roll huh? in fact, heres a link now, a tune of theirs called Location, Location, Location - perhaps fitting considering Barcelona would be the perfect place for LadyUmbrella t-shirts...and its a pretty catchy, funky and cool tune...

In recent weeks it has dawned on me that LadyUmbrella has become my life..and I love it..between twitter (@ladyumbrellaltd - say hi), LadyUmbrella Facebook, LadyUmbrella MySpace and a whole gang load t-shirt forums, blogs and web traffic stat pages I've found that I'm spending about 17 hours a day with the company..and its great..With each passing day we are getting closer to launching and we're getting a whole lot of extras lined up like stickers and badges..these really are exciting times..

Other things of t-shirt interest for us are that there a few shops interested in talking to us about stocking LadyUmbrella which is incredible, well, I think so anyway...sure, for Nike or similar its just another day but when you start out with jack and zero and build it up it feels good, rewarding, satisfying...really, try it yourself...Unfortunately I can't disclose the shops yet but all will be revealed in due time...we also have a lot of pre orders for our t-shirts now..starting to wonder if we are ordering enough LadyUmbrella t-shirts for the first batch, time will tell I can however ensure you don't miss out on the limited edition first batch by leaving us a comment on our facebook page - go go go..

So, I mentioned badges..who would like one? In fact, if you pre order, you'll get a badge or about that? Get in touch, I'd love to know if anyone actually reads this or am I giving my fingers all this ache and agony for nothing??

Anyway, compared to my other "novels" this blog seems relatively short so I'll end it now, short and sweet...
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