Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Impressing the Post Office Lady!

It's rare that I impress anybody - I'm no singer (not even auto tune can save me), my exorbitant and energetic dance moves at best get a wry smile and I've got no nun chuck skills but yesterday I managed to impress the lady at the post office...

Over the last year or so I've been making regular trips to the post office to send our ladies t-shirts on their merry way and have a bit of banter with the lady at the post office. She is really nice and friendly and is, I think, "rooting for us" to do well..So, when I arrived yesterday with the stack of t-shirts you see in the picture there she was a tad impressed (Elena was also happy as you can tell)..

"Jaysus that's great" she exclaimed as I continued to unload the t-shirts from my bag. I then told her we had a sale which is what caused the flurry of sales.."If only it was like that every day" she said and I, with the brief notion of mad sales everyday making my eyes sparkle and heart beat faster, nodded...We sent t-shirts to Ireland, England, America, Denmark, Spain and France which was a nice little cross section of the globe...So, thanks to all who ordered during the no joke sale and gave me the rare oppurtunity to impress the post office lady! Hopefully it'll happen again soon (or you can head here to make it happen)...Ole!

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