Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Futura Fair!

This ladies t-shirt journey of ours has led us to all sorts of places and has now led us to the RDS in Dublin for our first ever trade show, The Futura Fair, this Sunday to Tuesday.

Being honest, I'm really really nervous about the whole show. Feel under a lot of pressure to get a result at it to validate going there but also to drive on the entire LadyUmbrella business - we need to secure some orders and stockists there. With the knowledge that we have no knowledge of trade shows at all this has added to the anxiety levels and sleep is already getting impaired due to fretting (a job hazard I guess). I'm like a duck out of water...

Elena is counjuring up a phenomenal display for our space. She has come up with a huge design which we've printed out on 6 A0 sheets so it should fill a space of 2.5m x 2m. This display has frames on it where we are going to have some t-shirts as well as having some information about LadyUmbrella. Elena now has the job of painting the display - I'm feeling confident she'll do a good job, she always pulls this stuff off, kinda incredible really..Then on Sunday we'll get it set up there - rest assured we'll have some pictures...

We're also trying to come up with a few ideas or things we should do at our section to try get some buyers attention and orders (and to stop these nerves)...Would love to hear any suggestions you have..

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