Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bedazzling Jewellery - Things Just Got Better!!

Hello all - how are you? Things are going really good here at LUHQ and with our new ladies t-shirts designs almost ready for release we're on the proverbial pigs back..On top of that though we have something a little bit special for all of our customers, some bedazzling jewellery for you...

Each order we ship out will now contain a nice discount code for Aliquo Boutique. So who or what is Aliquo Boutique I hear you ask..well, get a load of this!

Handmade in Dublin by french jewellery designer Alice Moyon, aliquo pieces are made from a wide range of beads of different shapes, textures and materials - pressed glass beads from Bohemia, lucite beads from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, colourful glass pearls, vintage pendants and antique brass & silver plated chains.

We were fortunate enough to meet Alice via a meeting of our paths. Alice is a fellow trader in The Loft Market and when we saw her designs we knew that we had to try get something sorted out for our customers..And with a whole lot of "merci beaucoup" a deal has been done so that you can all accessorise your LadyUmbrella t-shirts with some pretty quirky and unique jewellery at a discounted price...

For all you twitter lovers our there follow @AliquoBoutique and find out more about Alice's creations..Each order we send out now will contain the special discount for Aliquo Boutique so if you want one a discount you know where to go...hehe, and just in case you don't it's our online t-shirt shop ;)

So, what do you think of the bedazzling jewellery from Aliquo Boutique? Any pieces catch your eye? Let us know...ole..

P.S. Sharing is caring! Our IT boffins have have got a new facebook "like" button and RT button on the top of all our blog posts..Give them a click and make us smile!
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