Monday, July 5, 2010

Mona LadyUmbrella - The Story Behind the Design

It is with great pride and joy that we unveil our latest ladies t-shirt design to the masses..This design is called "Mona LadyUmbrella" and like all of our other tees has a little story about it...

Mona LadyUmbrella shows off her best side in her portrait with her friend Rob the Renaissance Robin..There is no avoiding her gaze but feel free to try...

I asked Elena to explain the design a bit more to me and she started mentioning words like "dadaism" and a chap called Marcel Duchamp..I had never heard of him (pardon my ignorance, I'm the spread sheet guy hehe) but a quick google led me to his Wiki page..Turns out dadaism is like an early form of surrealism which is what Elena studied in college and where she gets most of her inspiration from...And, for those who like table quizzes, the movement became called dadaism thanks to a dictionary - they opened it and it landed on dada which is French for a hobby horse (and German for "yeah right" or so I'm told) and decided to christen it after that...

Anyway, long story short, Duchamp painted his dadaist take on the Mona Lisa which Elena then expanded on to create Mona LadyUmbrella...I'm biased but I like's a simple yet eye catching design and is our first just black and white offering...This t-shirt also boasts our additional tag on the front which I think is kinda narly..

My thoughts arnen't what is important though..I want to know what you think..leave us a comment here or check out more pics on our fanpage and feel free to comment to hear what you think..

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P.S. for those of you who love a sale we have 25% off now with code fiesta25 in our online t-shirt shop - the code is valid until Spain are knocked out of the World Cup (or win it!) - viva Espana..
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