Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tote Bag Thursday & Cupcakes!

It's Thursday and we released our new tote bag yesterday so figured I'd write a short post about it and tell a tale or two...I also strongly advise reading to the end of this post or you can scroll now if curiosity gets the better of you ;)

The last few days in LUHQ have been dominated by the launch of our new tote bag, the latest edition to the LadyUmbrella family..We've been flat out trying to get the word out about our new bags for the last week and ran a great give away on our fanpage...

We had about 230 entries which is mind boggling considering we only ran the competition for about 48 hours..Have to say big thanks to all the retweeters on twitter - you know who you are (and we know who you are) - you are all champs..Needless to say our competition ran it's course and we got our winners..For posterity congratulations to Kate Canterbury, Joby Franzcek, Mari Richards and, last but not least, Josephine Thornton..The bags will be with you all post haste..

And so, who wants a bit of a story? There is a certain twitter user who goes by the name of @Danni2122 who has warmed the hearts of all in LUHQ..She came in to visit us on a Friday evening a few weeks ago in our shop in The Loft Market alas we weren't there when she arrived (we missed each other by about 5 minutes or so - Murphy's Law)..When we had found out that we had missed her we were insanely disappointed..Our humour didn't improve when we found out that she had brought some delicious cup cakes in for us! Cupcakes for us? - it really was touching..This random act of kindness was so bittersweet - we wanted to be there to shake hands, meet and greet and thank her properly alas it wasn't to be...

Since the day we missed her we've been wanting to make it up to her and as soon as we got our tote bags in we sent one to her and she sent us the above picture...For us we're still not content that we've made it up to her but wanted to try make an effort..I've said it before and will say it again, we are just 2 people, no big corporation, no big backers or investors, just 2 people with some hopes and dreams (probably no different to most people) and the support we've gotten from people is, well, mind boggling..People bringing cupcakes into us is another level and Danielle we are forever thankful..Come into us again some day and we'll be there - promise :)

And, now, what do you get for you reading (or scrolling) to the bottom of this post..Well, Danielle showed some generosity so figured we'd do similar..For those of you who read this and want to get one of our totebags (or ladies t-shirts) use code bagme20 now in our online shop for a swanky 20% off all of your order and of course, still free shipping...This code will only be valid until tomorrow night so snap it up and enjoy...

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