Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cough Cough Launch!

Well, it has happened..the big day has come and gone and I for one feel a bit disappointed about the whole thing..Poxy Murphys Law..

Some of you might have heard (or at least I hope you did) that we were launching our 2nd collection of graphic t-shirts yesterday.. Sadly, I was mad sick as we were launching and not able to tweet with the fervour I'd like to tweet with. In fact, by my standards, I did hardly any tweeting/facebooking etc and so for me, I feel like the launch was a flop...

Thankfully a few others took up the mantle and did some tweeting etc to help get the word out and I'm most grateful but I can't helping feeling a little bit cheated by the cold which ruled me out of action yesterday. Now, I have to wait until our next launch to see if I can redeem myself..

Although, the path to redemption will start here I hope..I hope that if you read this you'll take a moment to check out our 2nd collection and possibly press the big green retweet button up the top...If you are a facebook fanatic I'd appreciate if you could press the like button to help spread the word..Heck, if you want to buy some of our new designs you're more than welcome to do so, step into our shop :)

I personally think Elena has come up with some sweet designs for the 2nd collection and am gutted that I couldn't promote them accordingly..Anyway, lets see how things unfold..the fingers are crossed that the word will still get out to the masses..As my cold recedes I'll step up the promo effort and your help is big time appreciated...

P.S. Sharing is caring! Our IT boffins have have got a new Facebook "like" button and Twitter ReTweet button on the top of all our blog posts..Give them a click and make us smile!
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