Monday, September 6, 2010

Race to 6,000 - Facebook vs Twitter! [Give Away]

Sometimes things just work out nicely don't they? We've been wanting to have some fun with our friends and followers for a while and then low and behold an opportunity like this presents itself for us to give away some tote bags..Magic..So, what is the opportunity?

Well, at the time of writing we have 5,874 facebook likers and 5,861 followers on twitter which I think you'll agree are pretty close to each other..And so, the stage is set for a race to 6,000 to see which account will make it their first...Which one do you predict will win?

We could just wait it out and eventually (or at least we hope) we'd make it to the sought after 6,000 mark but we want you to help us out..If you're rooting for twitter we have set up the #oletrain (inspired by Jared Thompson of Design Juices, the originator of the oletrain) to help you tell your tweeps about us...If facebook is your preference then it is really easy to "Suggest our page" to your friends - the more the merrier...

We are on the brink of launching our 2nd collection of ladies t-shirts but really want to have 6,000 friends before doing so..Why? Well, it is a silly target we set for ourselves and we are so close to hitting it that we might as well try hard..We really need your help for this to happen AND we've got some prizes up for grabs...When we get to 6,000 on facebook one of the peeps who helped us get there will be awarded a bag at random...And, in a similar fashion, when we get to 6,000 on twitter one of the peeps who helped us will win a bag...

To be in with a shot of winning on facebook just suggest our page to our friends & leave a comment to let us know you did...To enter into the tweepstakes just tweet "Want to WIN a tote? Join the #oletrain & follow @LadyUmbrellaltd, they need 6000 tweeps!" - simples :)

So, who do you think will win - facebook or twitter? leave a comment & let us know and of course would love for you to share this post and help us get to 6k - ole :)

P.S. Sharing is caring! Our IT boffins have have got a new Facebook "like" button and Twitter ReTweet button on the top of all our blog posts..Give them a click and make us smile!
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