Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Poor Mans iMac

Every now and then there is a post on this blog that has nothing to do with our ladies t-shirts and this is one such post..

A good friend of mine, Dylan Cross, who is a bit of a "Fixit" ninja came up with the following which I think is rather cool, so cool I had to share it...It's the poor mans iMac..See the original images in all the definition you desire right here..Mr. Cross, I salute you....

What do you think of it? Ever created anything like it yourself?

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Young Werther said...

It's a guy thing... tinkering and attempting to supe-up ones car or PC... :)

LadyUmbrella said...

Absolutely, and Dylan has been the one guy who I've known who tinkers more than most..probably has a car engine hooked up beneath the desk somehow knowing him..