Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Way Of the Road - Where's Wally?

You might have heard that we were hitting the road and I figured it was time to show you some pictures of our set ups in the places we have been..

In total we have been to 5 (or is it 6) different spots in the last few weeks including Microsoft, Mater Hospital, Royal College of Surgeons, Icon and the Grand Fashion Bazaar..Sadly we forgot the camera for some of these places but here are some snaps for you..

We're really enjoying getting out there and meeting people. The response thus far to our ladies t-shirts has been really overwhelming and encouraging which has us brimming with optimism for the Christmas period..The amount of times we heard "ideal for Christmas presents" was almost scary - but that is the type of fear we embrace hehe...

I'm sure everyone has heard of "Where's Wally?" - well, here is Rob, doing his Where's Wally impression...Hopefully we'll have more pictures for you soon but for now try and spot Rob ;)

Stay happy all..

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runa said...

Hey Rob and Elena its so wonderful that your T shirts are going places ha! So happy for you. Its great that you put up the buttons on for sale too...I've put them on to my bags that I carry to work and theyre a hit I must say. Lots of love and luck to both of you.

LadyUmbrella said...

Thanks Runa..Ye, we're starting to do some travel now with the t-shirts, it's fun but tiring but I guess that's the way of the road hehe..No better place to put the buttons - I'm sure they right at home on the bag hehe.. Stay happy :)