Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ugly Truth - There Is No Off Button!

It is rare that I get a night off away from the all tweeting and dancing LUHQ but when I do it is pretty much just business as usual (albeit a bit more animated and prone to falling). I have become a non stop LadyUmbrella ranting machine, telling all who will listen to me about it - I can't help it, it's my passion..There is no off button..

Well, last Saturday I was out as a good friend of mine, Hugh (aka Brad Drac aka Jesus), was having his going away drinks. He is currently on the way to New Zealand, the land mass furthest away from Ireland (or so I have been reliably informed). The drinks were had in Ely and it didn't take me long to get into full promo mode (the drinks always help) - the ugly truth revealed in the picture ;)

I can't help talking about our ladies t-shirts when I'm out and if ever you happen to bump into me (don't be alarmed, I am friendly) be sure to ask me for a button or something (as I'll probably have a pocket full of them)..There is no off button...

Anyway, it was great to get out for a night with some of my much mithered and plagued friends, who have heard of LadyUmbrella incessantly since it's inception but this post is for you guys & gals who have tolerated my ramblings (at times force feedings of tales) about LadyUmbrella..And also to wish a good friend of LUHQ's, Hugh, a safe trip and enjoyable adventure...Hugh has really been a huge help to myself and Elena and has spent many evenings in LUHQ with us giving us constructive criticism and ideas - without doubt his help, and moreover his friendship, will be missed...Have a good one man!! ...and of course, stay happy...

So, do you have problems finding the off button as well? Is it ok to never switch off? And, speaking of buttons, anybody able to rival those button balancing skills demonstrated above?

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