Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Precious Print Preparation!

It's Wednesday, the sun has been shining and it's all systems go in LUHQ as we're preparing to launch our precious prints..We've been talking about launching prints and adding them to our ladies t-shirts for a while but we're finally almost ready to unleash them to the wanting public - you (we hope)..

Elena has been in over drive all day taking pictures of the prints that we can use for our online shop and gallery. She's now busy editing them down and doing all sorts of funky stuff with Photoshop/Illustrator that my simple mind can't comprehend - she moves that mouse with speed and accuracy I tell ya..

Anyway, we're pretty excited about our prints..There will be regular prints and then we are going to have some extra special enhanced hybrid paint kissed prints..In fact we don't know what to call them yet (we want your suggestions!) but they look sweet..To create these extra special prints Elena paints the colour on in places and only premium designs are used and each print is numbered and signed..Also, there will only be 25 of these hybrid prints made and when they're gone they're gone...Our first hybrid print is called "Daydreamer" inspired by the challenge set to us by Daydreamer Magazine (Pg. 42) which you can see just to the left there...

In total we have 8 prints which we're going to release in a variety of sizes and paper types which we hope you'll find too darn adorable to say no to to :) We haven't nailed down the release date yet so the top tip is to join our mailing list to ensure you don't miss the launch..Once Elena has her editing of the pictures done it'll be time for me to work late into a night and add them all to the shop and the gallery - no telling how long that could take ;)

And, I've been able to successfully plead with Elena to get a sneaky peaky of one of the prints which none of you will have seen yet...This is one of my favourites, simple but striking...What do you think? It's called "Raining Birds" (hallelujah ;))

Not long til we launch our prints - ole!!

P.S. See Elenas new friend in one of pictures above? "Pequeno Blue" is his name (or so I've been told)...

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Nina Morena said...

can't wait to see the new prints!

LadyUmbrella said...

Aww, thanks Nina...We hope to have them online later this week - can't wait :)