Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 3rd Collection - Sneaky Peaky!

We've finally thought it was time to lift the lid on some of our new designs that we've been working on..We revealed them last week on Facebook page and we're pretty happy with the feedback we have received - would love you to chime in..

Anyway, in total we will have four new t-shirt designs..Two of the designs you can see masterfully modelled by Elena here and then two more designs that will remain a mystery for now...Well, one of them..I'll divulge it here first that we are finally, finally, going to have a black t-shirt. Lot's of people have been asking for a black tee and so we've gotten our act together and will have one for you..The black design will be just like this dazzling white one "LadyUmbrella Meets Peter Pan" except, well, black (ooooh)..

The other design is called Famous Frames and features a posse of peculiar poultry in various states of distress, unrest, happiness, crooning and chuckling - and one LadyUmbrella...Can only ever be one LadyUmbrella - two of them would be just too bizarre..and impossible to pass them on a foot path if they were in front of you ;)

And, for the mathematical whiz kids amongst us who are going "but, what about the 4th design?" I'm afraid that that all this sneaky peaky will contain is what has been divulged above..With that said though we really really want to get your thoughts and feedback on our new designs..Do you like them, love them, loathe them? Please, let us know :) We hope to have these babies with us in the not too distant future (month or so perhaps) and will reveal the 4th one soon...wait til you see it! Ole :)

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