Friday, May 6, 2011

MindField Fashion Stage Recap

Wow, it has been too long since I last posted a blog post..We've been out and about and one of our most recent adventures brought us to Mindfield in Merrion Square last weekend..It was the first outdoor festival for our ladies t-shirts and it was quite an experience..

We were in The Fashion Stage (check out that poster designed by Elena!!) with two other traders, De La Punk and Woodlane and happy to report we all got on swimmingly ;) Both of them have some really cool products whick I'd deffo recommend you check out - sure why wouldn't ya? :)

Whilst there I recorded a little video..I'm going to call it my first "ad-hoc-Rob-doc" (possibly of many). I've had the Samsung Galaxy S phone for a while now but have never really put the camera though its paces...I'm pretty happy with the quality of video/audio...Can't say much for the ad libbing though ;)

With some luck we will have some more festivals coming up in the not too distant future..There seems to be a nice comradery amongst traders at festivals and so it is the sort of environment I like to be in..Lets see what unfolds I guess...Ole..

For now though, enjoy the latest video! Ole

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