Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th...Lucky for Some!

We're not usually the most superstitious but random and wonderful occurrences always seem to happen to us as a result of our ladies t-shirts..Things like "The Canadian Coincidence" and "Vikings and Vietnam" have happened in the past to both delight and intrigue us..And, sure enough, today, Friday the 13th was to throw up another rare delight..

We got our first overseas visitor into our shop in The Loft Market today which made Friday the 13th lucky for us..One of our good twitter friends, Hannah, happened to be in Dublin for a few days and decided to pop in..Not only that but she came with a gift..In the past our sweet teeth have been delighted with cupcakes but today we received the insanely cool drawing you see above..We are blown away when stuff like this happens, and well, nothing like this had happened before so we can only say WOW and thank you!!!

So, Friday the 13th was lucky for us - how was it for you? Cross any black cats or have any great encounters? Leave us a comment and let us know..and the drawing, pretty epic huh?

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WhiteLily said...

Very cool! Have to say I agree with the sentiment in the drawing :o)

LadyUmbrella said...

Hehe, needless to say so do we :) ole..