Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 - The Year in Review

I feel compelled to do a review of 2010 - it was our first year in business and to not try summarise what has happened would be folly...It has been an amazing first year and myself and Elena want to thank you for your help and support - without it none of this would be possible...

- EleventyFour gives our t-shirts a right good testing on the stage
- Our online shop launches on 20th January 2010
- From the Flying V to Touchdown, our t-shirts went everywhere

- We get our first bit of national press in the Irish Star
- T-Shirts chosen to be used in the movie Booked Out
- We get stocked in the very nifty Emma Boutique
- Somehow or other we get nominated for an Irish Blog Award
- Our "Artvertisement" in Pygmalion gets completed..

- We release our lookbook, it's what all the cool kids were doing in March
- Our t-shirts embarked on a special journey to SXSW in Texas
- We end up in 2,000,000 newspapers...kind of ;)

- We sell out of our first size/style, a bittersweet moment..
- All the big names wear LadyU ;)
- All Hail Sir David..

- The Loft Market comes into focus
- Nothing like Vikings and Vietnam
- We wind up on top of El Mundo

- Throughout the year we held a few different sales, the LadyUmbrella Supports Spain Sale during the World Cup was a fun one...
- The talk of the Loft Market becomes a reality, we open!..
- Lots of packing and stacking as we set new records for ourselves..

- We launched our new tote bag and got some lovely cupcakes..
- We strike up a deal with Aliquo Boutique
- Time to roll out the new designs

- The LadyU Crew is launched!
- We start thinking about some notebooks..
- Friday the 13th was lucky for us

- We top the charts for Follow Friday on Twitter in Ireland..
- We take to travelling around a bit and selling our t-shirts..
- Our 2nd collection of t-shirts launched and I was sick, drat..

- We take part in the Grand Fashion Bazaar..
- LadyUmbrella makes it all the way to India..
- The ugly truth gets revealed...
- Lots more road trips and adventures..

- Some limited edition Christmas Cards? Why not..
- We run The Ultimate Style Test with Nicky Harris & Maria Fusco..
- LadyUmbrella bags a bargain in Madrid...
- We take part in the 12 days of Christmas..

- It's not a comic book to mark the launch of our notebooks..
- New opportunity arises and we take to the Fashion Stage..
- Glorious t-shirt triple threat to conclude the year..

Wow, looking back it really has been quite a year and the above are only some snippets..We've had an insane amount of blog posts from other bloggers which I wish I had a list of somewhere to show you (have bit of a list here) but want to thank all who have mentioned us in 2010 - you make us believe that this whole thing could be something special..How was your 2010?

Hope you have a great 2011..Stay happy all..

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KTBennett said...

love all of them

LadyUmbrella said...

Why thank you very much :)